Hunting has gone high tech with new apps that help you watch the weather, find and call game, navigate your surroundings and even kill some time between catches. Here are the ten best mobile apps for deer hunters.

  1. MossyOak: With this app, you can track the weather, monitor wind conditions and even keep a detailed deer log. Also, use it to save your favorite hunting spots, so you can return to successful blinds throughout the season.
  2. iSolunar: Timing is everything in the hunting world. Use this app to figure out the best times to huddle in the blind waiting for the next big shot. Furthermore, log your wins in the journal for a precise record of your successes.
  3. Time2Hunt: In addition to preloaded hunting times, this app will advise you based on past personal information inputted into the system. You can even watch the sun and moon phases to improve your hunting success.
  4. Primos Hunting Calls: The use of hunting calls draw deer to your area and improve your chances of bagging a big one. Just do not accidentally click on the predator calls and scare away your potential score. Luckily, the bright buttons make accidental clicks unlikely.
  5. Whitetail Hunting Calls: In addition to the basic calls included in the Primos app, this program gives you different deer sounds, like grunts, bleats and bellows. You can even mimic mating calls to bring in deer from near or far.
  6. Sportsman Tracker: Although this app gives you weather data and plots your blind locations, its real beauty lies in the activity log, trophy room and photo gallery. Your success rates are even totaled on the home page for further comparison or review with your hunting buddies.
  7. HUNT App: If open hunting land and personal property butts up against each other in your area, you might benefit from this GPS app. You will be able to see your location on the map and view the boundaries around you to stay off private property and far from residences.
  8. Trimble GPSHuntFish: This is another GPS mapping program that will help you stay off private lands. You can also use it to map your routes and record favorite hunting spots for later retrieval.
  9. Deer Hunter 2014: During your downtime, you will need an awesome game to play. Try out your hand against digital deer using this fun app. You can choose your weapon and land type to create a unique hunting experience each gaming session.
  10. Kindle App: Reduce your equipment weight by leaving the informative hunting books at home. To keep their valuable information close by, you can upload the books onto your Kindle app and read them on your phone.

Make sure to try out all of the apps on this list to find your favorites. Differences in the interface, controls and functions will rule some out and put others high on your favorites list. If you don’t like an app, simply delete it from your phone and try a different one that offers similar functions.