Hunting is an all-American pastime. There is nothing better than getting outside with friends and testing your mettle against nature. The rules and regulations of civilization seem no longer to apply while we fend for ourselves in the woods.

It is important that people use every resource to get the best out of a hunt. The more informed one is the better they will perform out in the field. This knowledge can increase safety as well.

One way that experienced hunters keep abreast of the latest in the sport is Facebook. Wise sportsmen and sportswomen know that Facebook is a quick and efficient means of receiving up-to-date news.

Here are some of the Facebook pages that every hunter must follow.

1. Base Camp Leasing

This site connects hunters with landowners. A lack of hunting space has become a major problem lately. Leasing land rights is one answer to the situation.

Base Camp Leasing is a company that places hunters on private hunting leases. The Facebook page has blog posts explaining the benefits of leasing. There is also an abundance of pictures of satisfied customers posing with their game.

Anyone tired of sharing space with the crowds on public grounds should “like” Base Camp Leasing on Facebook.

2. North American Whitetail

This magazine publication features articles on hunting strategies. Regular Facebook posts provide links to these informative ways to be more efficient in the field.

3. The Sportsman Channel

This cable channel posts updated show information on a regular basis. Viewers can stay informed of upcoming broadcasts of their favorite outdoor shows easily on the Facebook page timeline.

4. American Hunting Lease Association

American Hunting Lease Association is the voice for the hunting lease industry. Unfortunately, laws do not fully protect either hunter or landowner from damages incurred during a hunt. People need insurance to cover potential liability costs.

Because the laws change regularly and vary by locality, hunters should follow the American Hunting Lease Association Facebook page to receive regular updates on their social media newsfeed.

5. National Deer Alliance

Any hunter concerned about the state of outdoor rules should follow this site. Staying within the bounds of the law is a wise move. The Facebook page posts links to articles on deer hunting laws.

6. Wide Open Spaces

An online blog publisher, Wide Open Spaces provides interesting articles about hunting and fishing. Many of the posts tell the stories of others outdoor sports lovers. In general, readers should bookmark this site for its inspirational value.

7. Major League Bowhunter

This Sportsman Channel television show stars Jeff Danker, Matt Duff and Chipper Jones. The show covers an entire deer-hunting season. Fans should read the Facebook page for details on upcoming shows.

8. National Rifle Association (NRA)

The NRA advocates for the right to gun ownership. Hunters, regardless of their political views, should follow the NRA Facebook page for the latest debates on the Second Amendment.

9. Great American Outdoor Show

This nine-day consumer event takes place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Hunters and their families attend to see innovations in equipment. The Facebook page keeps fans updated on event exhibitors.

10. National Wild Turkey Federation

Hunters know the importance of animal preservation. This organization works with hunters to ensure that the American wild turkey continues to thrive as a species. The Facebook page provides a place for hunters and animal preservationists to find common ground.