Besides the thrill of the kill, deer hunting, while a hobby for some, is considered a sport among many professionals and enthusiasts. Many reasons exist for hunting deer, and many are supported through years of practice, accommodation for sport and worldwide consideration. Deer hunting isn’t just fun—it’s entirely important. Check out the following, great, reasons deer hunting exists.

15. It’s All About the Venison

Venison is an undeniable outcome of deer hunting, and the meet has supported families for centuries. Venison is delicious, and its high protein level guarantees sustenance with less fat associated with pork and beef. Venison is healthy, and it’s flexible in dish preparation—making it viable for sausages, hamburgers and other dishes.

14. Increase in Deer Population

The deer’s natural predators—wolves and panthers—have decreased in population, directly increasing the specie’s abundance. Large deer populations result in loss of sustainable food, leading to widespread deer starvation. Additionally, increased numbers reduce forest plants, harming other wildlife. Deer hunting reduces the population, restoring ecosystem balance.

13. Deer Hunting is Incredibly Safe

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, deer hunting is considered the third-safest worldwide sport, compared to 28 other sports. It’s even safer than volleyball and golf.

12. Deer Hunting is Healthy

While venison, itself, is a healthy food, the act of hunting is fantastic exercise. Hunting reacquaints humans with outdoor sights and sounds, granting one the ability to escape mundane hustle and bustle. Such a relief is mentally healthy, and reduces long-term mental problems

11. Family Time

Deer hunting is a fantastic family endeavor. Children, parents and siblings can all partner up—providing food throughout all stages of the hunt. Becoming resourceful and self-sufficient is important, and it’s a great lesson for kids to learn.

10. Deer Hunting Assists the Economy

Public land and resident licenses pay for public areas, and meat provisions are fantastic for small economies. Regardless of the area, deer hunting has assisted small economies for years—and will continue for more.

9. Generosity and Conservation

Speaking of community support, hunting license fees assist habitat preservation, and firearms fund acre improvement through percentage cuts of revenue gains. Every year, sportsmen contribute approximately 7.5 million dollars—per day—to environment conservation.

8. Food for the Poor

Deer hunting, in general, delivers massive sustenance for poor people. High-protein foods are sought after, and, for the last few years, hunted foods has been transported to other countries—supporting at-risk kids through supply of low-fat sustenance.

7. Firearm Maintenance Teaches Responsibility

Learning to handle, maintain and use a firearm requires responsibility, and psychologists have suggested firearm respect may reduce aggression within young people. Respect for firearms, when imbued at a young age, reduces chances of gun-used felonies.

6. Hunted Venison is Healthier than Store-Bought Meat

It’s true. Self-hunted meat lacks preservatives, and it isn’t stored for prolonged periods of time. Similarly, it tastes better due to the non-need for freezing. Hunting is a logical extension for meat lovers, and it’s great for the health-conscious.

5. Does Anyone Need a Wakeup Call?

Hunting lifts the senses. Some, in fact, compare hunting alertness levels with those of a cup of coffee. However, the natural stimulant is incredibly healthy when compared to its heart-rate-raising sibling in the long run.

4. Deer Hunting and the Great Outdoors

Sometimes, leaving the office is required. For those committed to nine-to-five jobs, deer hunting, the early morning sport, is a wonderful option. It’s a flexible sport, to say the least.

3. Venison Goes Great with Veggies (ya, we’re hungry)

In fact, a hearty Venison meal almost requires a side of carrots, potatoes and gravy. If the meat, itself, weren’t healthy enough, adjoining green selections provide plenty of vitamins and minerals.

2. It’s a Lifelong Sport

Deer hunting is often engaged throughout a lifetime. It carries an unreal retention of dedication when compared to other sports—bringing it within the top ten lifelong sports amongst its outdoor recreational partners.

1. Deer Hunting Re-Connects Us with Nature

Beauty, fresh air and natural environments are fantastic, and deer hunting re-acquaints humans with their natural environments. Sometimes, re-meeting The Great Outdoors is like re-greeting an old friend. It’s always there, and it’s waiting.

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