To many of us, hunting is more than just a weekend activity. It is something ingrained in us, whether that be from birth or finding your interest later in life. The hunting destinations mentioned in this blog make the perfect hunt for any hunter, no matter the experience level.

There has always been something special about hunting the lands that you are from. But what about hunting the best of the best for what you’re looking for? You may think that a guide or outfitter is necessary to achieve this. Not anymore. With hunting leases, you are given a chance to choose where and how you want to hunt.

Interested in hunting deer in UP of Michigan? The right hunting lease can make that happen for you. This blog post will go over some of our top picks for hunting destinations you can do yourself with a lease!

Arkansas Duck Hunting

Duck hunting in Arkansas is something out of a storybook for most hunters. If you are looking for the Mecca of duck hunting, look no further than Arkansas. With thousands of acres of prime duck hunting, if you want to bring home some teals, this is your state. The best way to enjoy this quality of duck hunting is with a hunting lease. You will have the peace of mind that the land you are hunting is well preserved, free of pressure, and a prime spot to bag some birds. With over 1 million ducks harvested statewide, you can almost consider a duck hunting lease in Arkansas will be the hunt of a lifetime.

Available Arkansas leases here.

Indiana Whitetail Hunting

If there is one thing Indiana is known for above, all else is its whitetail hunting. Truly the gem of the state, the whitetail hunting in Indiana rivals any other state

A few factors include

  • Big deer
  • One Buck Status
  • Affordable tags
  • Certified CWD- free ( something many of its neighbors can not claim.”)
  • Sportsmen’s Benevolence Fund. An amazing program centered around donating your deer to help feed the underprivileged families of Indiana.

Clearly, the state of Indiana is all about deer. From the hunters in its population up to a government level, this is a state that takes care of its wildlife. The Indiana DNR always publishes historical and real-time harvest data. One of the most important things when it comes to proper conservation. They also produce a map every year that shows the best areas for deer habitat.

With over 200,000 licenses sold annually, the community of Indiana deer hunters runs deep. Indiana counties also individually keep deer data. All together, Indiana is a true deer hunter’s paradise. Giving hunters great odds in taking down big bucks every season.

You can find extra information about Indiana deer hunting here.

Turkey Hunting in Alabama

Finding quality turkey hunting is not something that is typically a struggle for most. But finding GREAT, standout turkey hunting is something else.

Alabama isn’t well known for its great turkey hunting for no reason. The numbers and statistics don’t lie; here are a few that make Bama a standout state.

  • Estimated 500,00 turkeys in states borders
  • Leads the country in turkey populations
  • 600,000 licenses sol annually
  • 76% of the state is timber. Prime habitat for wild turkeys

It should be no surprise that turkey hunting in Alabama should make your list of dream hunting destinations with numbers like that.

Available Alabama Leases here.

Overall Hunting Trip: Kansas

Out of all the states that Base Camp Leasing operates in, one stands out to me as the best overall state to hunt in. Combining Boone and Crockett’s level white tail with some of the best bird hunting in the country, Kasna takes the cake.

A state that is built around the ideals of the hunter/outdoorsman, the Jayhawk state is a true hunter’s paradise. All three species of turkey live here as well as Mule Deer. So if you want a full range of diversity in your hunting, a hunting lease in Kansas is your best bet.

Available Kansas leases here.


Hunting is an activity that can really be enjoyed on any level. From a stand on your grandpa’s farm in Ohio to the Rockies of Colorado, hunting is always a journey.

But if you are ready to mix things up, and try your hand at some high-level hunting without a guide or outfitter. Consider a hunting lease from one of the states mentioned. Or, if you have another state in mind, see our leases there too!