Hunting is a broad sport that covers multiple different ways to get the same job done. Some people are bowhunters, born and raised, with plans to never change. Others have taken the rifle or muzzleloader in as their way of hunting. Or hey, maybe you do a little bit of everything! Well, outside of the traditional hunting implements, there are a few unique ways to hunt, one of those being air-gun hunting?

Air-Gun Hunting? Like a BB Gun?

It’s easy to think when you hear the word “air” gun that you immediately associate it with an airsoft or BB gun. But at a certain level, an airgun is no longer considered a toy but a legitimate means of taking down game. AS well as having a blast ( of pressurized C02) while you are at it.

What can I hunt with an Airgun?

The first question that came to my mind, and I assume many of yours, when I heard about air-gun hunting was “What can I even hunt with an air rifle?”.

It’s a great question and one that I am happy to answer. Airguns are best used for either small game or pest control. That is not limited to just squirrels or rabbits either. The list of small game animals you can successfully hunt is.”

  • Squirrels
  • Rabbits
  • Woodchucks
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Iguanas
  • Local animals in a similar size range.

With all those options, you are guaranteed to find something to hunt in the area you live in that can be taken down with an air rifle.

Using an air-rifle for pest control is slightly different. While everyone can universally agree on what small game is, what is considered a pest can be a broader term.

While things like rats are universally known as pests, the term can begin to differ. You may believe a pest is an annoying crow that keeps eating your tomatoes. The law of your state may disagree.

So while they are extremely effective and marginally safer than traditional guns, don’t get carried away. Make sure you are acting under the law of your state, past that, happy hunting and enjoying the no recoil, less sound, cheaper ammo, and less chance of a bullet going astray.

Are Airguns Humane?

Another common question people have about airgun hunting is how ethical it is to shoot an animal with it. Concerns about power and caliber are at the forefront of many hunters’ minds. An air-rifle comes in various calibers:

  • .177
  • .20
  • .22
  • .25

Which are all more than adequate to hunt the small game and pests you are interested i. Like most hunting weapons, the efficacy of its ability to cleanly take an animal’s life comes down to two things. Accuracy and distance. With both things taken into consideration, you should have no problem taking down the correct animal.

Is airgun-hunting safe?

An airgun is as safe as any other firearm! While an argument could be made that the lower power of an air rifle makes it safer, it is to be treated as any other firearm.

Make sure you know what is behind your target, as well as how much distance your shot could go if missed. Safety while hunting is one of the most important factors. So not letting the term “air-rifle” make you too comfortable is crucial.

Are Airguns fun to use?

YES! It provides an awesome alternative to traditional hunting that anyone can learn to love.

With the various kinds of rifles, to the various critters you can take down, everything about hunting with an air-rifle is fun!

Additionally, it is also an awesome bonus not to wear ear protection if you don’t want to, but eye protection should still make an appearance.

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