#1 The Hunting Public

When I say that these guys (and gals) are everything you want out of hunting youtube channel… I mean it. They are able to combine education tips with great entertainment and commentary. You can get a view into all kinds of hunting all over the country.

The hosts are aweseome and the production quality oif the hunts is up there with the best. Combine that with their consistent posting, and you have endless weekly entertainment!

Descriptiopn: The Hunting Public is an online video series that focuses on relating to all groups of hunters. By hunting in various situations, we will try to teach our viewers different strategies for harvesting game.


#2 Just Hunt Club

Scaling things down from the first entry is a smaller but just as passionate channel. Just Hunt Club is a team of northeastern hunters and fisherman. They were recently very active during turkey season when I discovered them. And I really gre to like the members oif the channel!

It gives a more relaxed approach to the production. Somewhere inbetewen you and your buddies are recording a hunt and the outdoor channel. Almost like a stock, these guys are growing dfast and now is the best time to get into them! They will be huge in the coming years and there is nothing more fun than seeing people you believe in grow.

#3 Chad Mendes

I may be impartial tro this channel wbvecause Chad Mendes was, in fact, a UFC contender at one point. But he has hubng up the gloves and started a major outfitter business! We can join chad on his hunts across the country. Following him from ORYX hunting in New Mexico to his nephew’s first turkey hunt!

Chad has been on top of consistent posting for the past couple of years, and the production has gone up every video. The videos are a little less informative than some, but the sheer entertainment factor of this guy is great. Highly recommend it, especially if you are an MMA fan!

#4 The Untamed

“Born and raised in the mountains of WV, the Untamed crew learned how to hunt the hard way. We are Outdoorsmen, Houndsmen, and West By God Virginians who love God, Country, and Family. Our passion for hunting in our home state of WV is at the soul of what we do”

I thought that these guys did a great job of describing themselves. You are really able to feel the energy and passion these guys bring to hunting and the land as a whole. Growing quickly, you can see how the channel could eventually be a big player in the space.

They just released a video about a great boar hunt that I found to be just as good as anything I have seen on TV. If you like a little less production and a bit more authenticity, these are your guys!

#5 Kendall Gray 1.46M Subscribers

AS far as “traditional” YouTubers go, these kid is it. He has multiple videos in the millions of views and seems to play trends and topics more than the other channels on this list.

While his sense of humor may be slightly skewed towards a younger audience, I have to admit…this kid is entertaining. But he is not just that; Kendall is a lifelong hunter who spends much of his time sitting in the woods like the rest of us.

Maybe you recommend this channel to your kid or hey if you are like me, you might just enjoy his content.


#6 Hunt Warz TV

One of the most unique and newest channels in the hunting community is Hunt Warz TV.

“Hunt Warz is a TV show where everyday hunters are the stars of the show. With no scouting or prior knowledge in an area, these teams have 7 days to get it done.”

Although it is the newest channel on this list, I think the idea is great. It is on par with anything from the outdoor channel, and the hunters featured are surprisingly good on camera. Believe me; I have watched enough hunting videos to know when a hunter should NOT be on camera.

The channel seems like it has some sort of backing to it, as the views are low, but the quality is high. I can see this becoming a more popular series as the channel evolves, and heck, I think a network could pick it up at some point.

The competition aspect of it sets it apart from the rest. While remaining as informative and educational as any other channel

#7 MeatEater

ROudning out the list with one of the biggest and the best. MeatEater is an extremely prominent name all over the hunting and outdoor world. Their extremely popular Founder, Steve Rinella, has been years of them pushing out great content.

They are well known for their TV shows, books, blogs, and podcasts. With their youtube channel carrying the torch well! Full of hunting and hunting-related videos, you really just can’t go wrong with anything from MeatEater.