Arkansas Hunting Leases Near Me

It’s 2021; if you are still spending thousands of dollars on gear to deal with public land competition, you’re doing it wrong. Hunters these days are beginning to realize that with all the time and effort that goes into hunting, why would you skimp on the most important part? WHERE you are going to be doing your hunting, hunting leases in Arkansas are a commodity and have quickly made the radar of any serious duck hunter.

Why Hunt Arkansas

If you are a seasoned hunter, there really is no need to ask the question of “why hunt in Arkansas.” It’s a no-brainer. Arkansas is truly a dream destination for hunters and outdoorsmen, from their land diversity to world-class waterfowl hunting.

  • Duck Hunting: If you are looking for the Mecca of duck hunting, look no further than Arkansas. With thousands of acres of prime duck hunting, if you want to bring home some teals, this is your state. The best way to enjoy this quality of duck hunting is with a hunting lease. You will have the peace of mind that the land you are hunting is well preserved, free of pressure, and a prime spot to bag some birds. With over 1 million ducks harvested statewide, you can almost consider a duck hunting lease in Arkansas will be the hunt of a lifetime.
  • Deer Hunting in Arkansas: While it might not be considered the world-class level of hunting that the duck hunting is in Arkansas. The deer hunting is no slouch! With Arkansas extensive network of farming and long-standing history with hunting. You can be more than confident in your ability to bring down a big buck in the razorback state. There are an estimated 1 million whitetails in the state and 300,000 thousand licenses sold annually. Showing you that his state takes its deer hunting as seriously as any other one.

Why A hunting Lease in Arkansas

Arkansas is a state that is full of public access hunting grounds. With over 6 million acres, it puts it up there in the number of hunting acres per state. But don’t just listen to the numbers and assume that public land hunting is the way to go.

You will still have to deal with the problems that traditionally occur on plots of public hunting land. Things like hunting pressure can seriously put a dampener on your hunt experience overall.

With a quality hunting lease in Arkansas, you can all but guarantee a nice hunt. With a variety of leases ranging from 10 acres into the hundreds, there is something for everyone. You can also split a lease with other hunters. Driving the price down and ensuring that the people you share the land with are folks you know and trust.

Just Pull The Trigger.

If you are ready to make this next season your best season yet, then keep Arkansas at the top of your list. With its world-class waterfowl and high-grade deer hunting, you can’t go wrong. Make it a hunting lease from the professionals at Base Camp Leasing and experience the difference that a hunting lease can make in Arkansas.