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Hunting Leases Done Right
RICK RONDOMANSKIThe buck in the photo to the left is a 151” from Rick Rondomanski’s Illinois BCL lease.  As Rick describes the hunt, “I could not have asked for a more perfect scenario.  The deer read the script.  I leased the property on October 4th and Illinois archery had already started.  My first day of hunting was on November 16th and I got him November 17th.  I had seen a decent 8 point and let him go; I was going for the 150’s.  I had 3 on camera and was going for 1 of the 3.  I used a doe heat scent to get his attention.  He looked right at the scent stick and away from me and I got him from 23 yards. This is my largest bow kill to date in Pike County, Illinois.”
Rick Rondomanski’s most memorable hunt was hunting with his 3 cousins in Missouri.  Because he’s a fire fighter, he has a schedule of 1 day on, 2 days off, which allows him to scout his lease more often than his hunting buddies.  As Rick tells the story, “I enjoy setting up other people on deer.  I had done all the scouting already and I knew where the deer were moving.  On the first day of rifle season, I put my 3 cousins in stands and told them not to worry.  By 7:15 a.m., three bucks were on the ground.  The irony is that I set them up and the only one without a buck on the ground was me!”

On Rick’s bucket list is an archery elk in New Mexico or Montana.   One of Rick’s goals was to get a mule deer in Arizona this year on a spot & stalk.  After 3 hours of stalking, Rick just missed over the mule deer’s back at 52 yards.  He hopes to return this year for another go at it.

Well done Rick, and thanks for submitting a photo to the Base Camp Leasing photo contest.

Now when you make a deposit on a lease, you can pay your remaining lease balance on-line with a debit or credit card after signing into your account at  Simply sign in, click on “My Basecamp”, then “My Current Leases” and “Pay Balance”.
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Featured Property #6052

Carroll County, Tennessee
291 Acres
Max Hunters: 10

Here’s your chance to hunt one of the best counties in Tennessee with 37 bucks harvested with 11pts or more last season. Nice mixture of fields and hardwoods. Bottom land edges a 1000 acre lake. Previous neighbors were a timber company property planted in pines, so they should come to you for food. This farm underwent a timber harvest in 2014, so expect good bedding and plenty of browse. Saw deer and plenty of sign during inspection. Turkey and other game present as well. Previous hunting club had a 4pt on one side minimum restriction and landowner has seen trail cam photos of a “monster.” Reedy Creek feeds through the bottom and there is a swamp area between the road and the lake. Landowner lives on the property. Camping is ok and electric could be available at your cost. Camp site to be determined between you and landowner. ATV use ok, and food plots in designated areas working with farmer who cuts the hay.  More info.


By Sean Ferbrache COO.,
American Hunting Lease Association

The article that follows is the first in a five part series of informative articles written for hunters of all experience levels and expectations.

From your first thought of a hunting lease to the moment you send an arrow or bullet in his direction, this series will guide you through the entire process of finding, securing and enjoying a quality hunting lease.

I have a mantra. When executed properly, the ‘hunting lease’ works for everyone involved.

Ok, yes it’s my job to say that. I get it.

But, it’s true.  When hunters and landowners share expectations and there are fundamental levels of both courtesy and stewardship, the hunting lease arrangement delivers the goods. No other arrangement provides hunters with access to quality wildlife habitat for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to purchase land of their own.

Further proof, most hunting leases are written for one full year. That means you get full access to your lease/property all year long. That makes a lot more sense than spending $5,000 to hunt with an outfitter for 5 days.  You have the opportunity to hang cameras, plant food plots, scout the pre-season, shed hunt and even hunt other game.

But, is a hunting lease right for you?  It really comes down to two topics. Money and expectations.Read more.    



Tennessee Leasing Agent:

Daryl Houston

Daryl Houston is the Tennessee Leasing Agent for Base Camp Leasing. Daryl was born and raised in Tennessee and comes from a family of hunters and fishermen dating back to his grandfather. Introduced to small game hunting at an early age with his father, he progressed to whitetails at age 14 when a neighbor offered to take him deer hunting. The initial experience led to a lifetime passion of chasing the elusive animal, but has also led him to pursue ducks, turkey, and just about every other animal or bird that walks and flies. Daryl has taken nearly 200 whitetails in his lifetime with several mature bucks to his credit. He has experience hunting both public WMA and privately owned ground, both in Tennessee and Kentucky including Ft. Campbell and Ft. Knox. His ability to identify prime whitetail ground has been proven.

A career Firefighter/Paramedic of 28 years with the Nashville Fire Department has given him the advantage of free time when off duty to be in the timber. You can rest assured that his listings provide a lot of detail on the property.  He believes his job is to paint you a picture in his assessment of your Tennessee Hunting Lease, and so you practically know your property even before you plant your foot on it the first time.

Since 2008, when the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency implemented a 3 buck per season limit, Tennessee has seen a rise in the numbers of mature deer harvested each year. Many hunters know what it takes to manage their property to grow and hold big bucks; they just need a place to do it. With the decreases in hunting opportunities on private land in the last few years, and increases in many cases on public ground, increasing the numbers of Tennessee land for lease is Daryl’s top priority!

Darryl has been blessed to share his passion with his children and grandchildren. Daryl and his family live in the Coopertown area of Robertson County outside of Nashville. He is a 2013 graduate of Volunteer State Community College with an AAS in EMT-Paramedic.

Daryl is available any time to answer your questions. He can be reached at (615) 260-4250 or by email at

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