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How to Make Higher Profits Cutting Hay

Tips for Extra Income When Cutting Hay There’s something special about the smell of a freshly cut hayfield in the heat of the summer. But whether you have a cattle farm (Leasing Cattle Land | What You Need To Know) and need to support them over the winter, or just have some extra fields you […]

How To Sell Your Timber

What You Should Know About Selling Timber You’ve been eyeing that chunk of woods on your property for a while now, thinking it might be time to cut it. Maybe it’s always been there throughout your lifetime and you’ve heard a lot about the benefits of cutting trees. But you’re just not sure how to […]

How to Make Money on Your Land

Several Ways to Make Money on Your Land No matter what kind of land you own or type of landowner you are, one thing’s for sure: if your land isn’t making money for you, it’s a lot harder to justify owning it. And you’re probably missing out on a nice passive income that could help you make payments […]

How Farm Loans Could Help You Get Started Farming

Why Farm Loans Might Be a Good Move for You You’re probably familiar with the “out of sight, out of mind” phrase, right? Sadly, it’s very easy for many people in our increasingly urbanized world to forget that farming is still how we get our food and a great many other products and associated benefits today. But fortunately, there are […]