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Best States for Waterfowl Hunting Leases

Best Waterfowl Hunting Lease States The sport of waterfowl hunting continues to be one of North America’s most popular hunting activities.  Across the Country, many states offer a wide range of waterfowl hunting opportunities that are available for the public to enjoy.  Eventually, many waterfowl hunters will begin to consider owning or leasing a private […]

How to Handle Crop Damage by Excessive Rain and Floods

Solutions for Flooded Crop Fields Mother Nature has a habit of getting what she wants.  She may give you a few small victories, but inevitably, she will win the war.  This example of give and take can be explicitly seen in the world of row crops, and their relationship with wetlands and streams. It is often an underappreciated attribute of nature, […]

Hunting Cover Crops | How to Convince Your Landowner

Talk Your Farmer Into Planting Cover Crops As a hunter and lessee, you’d think it would be tricky talking a farmer/landowner into planting cover crops. After all, it’s their land and they’ve presumably been farming long enough to know a thing or two. You don’t want to come across as pushy or act like you know more than they do – that’s a […]

Leasing Cattle Ranches for Hunting | Cattle Ranch Income Sources

Hunting Leases on Cattle Ranches Agricultural producers understand the value of investment, of hard work, and of the return on both of those attributes. All across the agricultural lands of this great nation are working ranches producing safe, quality beef for consumers. These operations require huge investments in land resources, not only for the cattle themselves, but for the production of […]

Farmland Guide | How to Reduce Deer Crop Damage

Tips to Reduce Deer Crop Damage on Your Farm Farmers are still one of the rare kinds of people who truly live off the land. For example, if a crop doesn’t do well, due to a storm or disease or drought, their salary and livelihood is directly impacted (to some extent). Unfortunately, there’s another cause of crop failure that doesn’t […]

Making Money from Leasing Your Woodland | Timber Harvests

Why Leasing Your Woodland Is Important After a Timber Harvest Very few landowners try to make their property as profitable as possible. In most cases, family farms or lands are passed down through generations, and the same practices are used to earn money from it, including row crops, pastures for livestock, or the occasional firewood cutting. But if your property includes […]