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Iowa Hunting Leases

Iowa Hunting Leases A hunting lease in Iowa is one of the most timely and cost efficient ways to hunt in Iowa. Experience the trophy whitetail and monster turkeys of the Hawk-eye state with a quality lease from Base Camp Leasing. Why Choose Iowa If you are looking to take down big bucks next season, […]

Kentucky Hunting Leases

The days of dealing with the pressure associated with hunting public land is over. Now hunters have the option of easily purchasing a hunting lease anywhere they like. From coast to coast, the possibilities to hunt where and when you want are endless. When deciding where you want your next dream hunt to be, consider […]


Coyote Control

Being a landowner is a lifestyle that is both extremely rewarding, as well as difficult. One of the more difficult aspects being predator control. More specifically, coyote control. Unlike most predators, coyotes posses the unique trait of extreme adaptability. Able to change their eating and hunting habitats to form to whatever environment they find themselves […]

Indiana Turkey Hunting

Indiana is a state that is often though tof as a white tail state. With some of the biggest bucks and awesome land to hunt, it comes as no surprise. However, there is another hunting seasons that shines in Indiana. That is Spring Turkey hunting season in Indiana. Typically beginning in the late weeks of […]