FISHERS, IN – Base Camp Leasing is proud to support Farm Rescue, an organization that provides free assistance to farm and ranch families in Midwestern states and has assisted nearly 1,000 families in crisis since 2006. The support that BCL provides will help farming communities and families in need in 2023.

“The same Midwestern states that Farm Rescue serves are the states that Base Camp Leasing calls home. We are grateful for the opportunity to help farming families and their communities through hard times and challenging circumstances.” – Doug Saunders, CEO Base Camp Leasing.

“Farm Rescue and other community-focused nonprofits rely on local sponsor and donor support to fund operational and outreach programs. This funding is vital to serving the important missions that help sustain our local communities. Our volunteers provide a hand-up, rather than a hand-out to the farm and ranch families we serve. The positive impact created by this synergy is far reaching as a humanitarian mission. It is simply the right thing to do in support of all humankind! We are grateful to have such a partnership with Base Camp Leasing.” – Tim Sullivan, Farm Rescue Executive Director.

About Farm Rescue:  The mission of Farm Rescue is to help family farms and ranches bridge crises so they have an opportunity to continue viable operations. Farm Rescue provides planting, haying, harvesting and livestock feeding assistance to farm and ranch families that have experienced a major injury, illness or natural disaster. They have assisted nearly 1,000 families since their inception! The organization gives these families a chance to continue their livelihood by providing the necessary equipment and volunteer workforce (free of charge) to get the job done. Click here to donate.

About Base Camp Leasing:  Base Camp Leasing was established in 1999 and developed a mutually beneficial business model to serve both landowners and hunters alike. Base Camp Leasing has led the way in the hunting lease industry and continues to expand into new states. Base Camp Leasing is “Powered by the American Landowner”, where we see first-hand the joy, memories, and trusted relationships between our landowners and hunters.