Best Waterfowl Hunting Lease States

The sport of waterfowl hunting continues to be one of North America’s most popular hunting activities.  Across the Country, many states offer a wide range of waterfowl hunting opportunities that are available for the public to enjoy.  Eventually, many waterfowl hunters will begin to consider owning or leasing a private location to enjoy the sport of waterfowl hunting.  No matter if you are interested in purchasing property or leasing a blind, it is all about the location, location, location.  If you find yourself in the situation where you are interested in owning or leasing your own piece of waterfowl paradise, this article may help you narrow down your search to a handful of waterfowl states and help guide you to locking in your next waterfowl hunting location. 

There is no doubt that there are many states across the country that offer exceptional waterfowl hunting opportunities.  With that said, there are a handful of states that offer plenty of opportunity to lease or purchase a waterfowl hunting property.  If you are looking to stake your claim in the world of waterfowl, give these states a look. If you own land in these states, and are looking to earn an income from waterfowl hunting leases, contact us now!


Often overlooked as a waterfowl state, Illinois offers some of the country’s top waterfowl hunting opportunities.  From ducks on shallow marsh habitats to geese on the rivers and reservoirs you can find it all in the land of Lincoln.   

Northern Illinois can offer the lease hunter with plenty of opportunities to lock down their own piece of waterfowl heaven.  Northern Illinois is known for its exceptional field hunting opportunities, and duck and goose hunters alike can find their fill of field feeding mallards and Canada geese.   

The Mississippi River Corridor as well as the southern part of the state provides opportunity for the more traditional waterfowler to find a location to either purchase, lease or restore to begin pulling in the birds as they migrate south.  Do not overlook this part of the state as there are plenty of places to set your spread, if you are willing to do the work to find them.


While Missouri may be more well-known for trophy whitetails and wild turkeys, Missouri can offer some of the finest waterfowl hunting around.  With multiple State and Federally managed waterfowl areas across the state, Missouri will hold an abundant number of migrating waterfowl throughout the course of the winter. 

Missouri holds the unique fortune of having a wide array of habitat types that are very conducive for waterfowl.  From farm ponds and lakes, in the northern part of the state to shallow water marshes and flooded crop fields in the central and southern part of the state, Missouri has it all.  While the volume of properties for sale or lease can vary from year to year, Missouri is a target rich environment for those looking for their own private hunting location.  Do your research and be patient, and you will certainly find what you are looking for.


Much like Missouri and Illinois, Kansas can offer some unbelievable waterfowl hunting opportunities as well as opportunities to lease or buy.  With the eastern part of the state offering a wide array of shallow water marsh habitat which are often loaded with ducks and geese, and the western “playa lake” pothole region which is often full of migrating fowl, Kansas can be a sleeper state for those who are interested in owning a piece of waterfowl property. 

While Kansas may seem like a state where the habitat doesn’t change very much, that wouldn’t be further from the truth.  Kansas is a very diverse state, with plenty of hunting opportunity.  If you are interested in exploring Kansas as an option, take some time to tour the state to ensure you have the lay of the land.  While waterfowl hunting opportunities can be great state-wide, the conditions can vary greatly.


When you think of waterfowl, Arkansas is certainly a state that comes to the top of the list. Arkansas has a wide array of PF waterfowl hunting opportunities to offer. From flooded timber (green tree) to flooded rice and moist soil habitats, you can certainly find what you are looking for. Arkansas may be the number one state in the country when it comes to waterfowl culture and heritage. As a result, finding a location to either purchase or lease can be quite challenging.  With all that being said, great opportunities can come for those who are both patient and persistent.  With the rice production all throughout the Grand Prairie area of Arkansas, there are opportunities to lease a rice pit blind with relative ease. This can be a great way to start. If you are serious about purchasing your own piece of waterfowl heaven, then your best bet would be to focus on something that is currently undeveloped. With plenty of wetland technical service providers available to private landowners, you can be well on your way to creating your own piece of waterfowl paradise.


Much like Arkansas, Tennessee is a premier destination for waterfowl and waterfowl hunters. From flooded bottoms and backwaters to large lakes and impoundments, Tennessee can provide every hunter a little something different.  

In Tennessee hunting locations can often be found with relative ease, for those who are interested in spending a little time looking. Spending some time perusing the classifieds and real-estate postings can find you multiple opportunities.  

Certainly, every waterfowl hunters dream is to have their own piece of water that they can call home.  While there are plenty of other states that offer some phenomenal waterfowl hunting experiences, the states listed in this article can often provide you with the most bang for your buck, which is important to anyone interested in purchasing their next property. 

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Premier waterfowl hunting locations do not hit the market every day, so ensuring that you do your due diligence and take your time when selecting your property can pay huge dividends down the line.  If you do your homework, gain your local knowledge and practice good patience, you will be well on your way to fulfilling your waterfowl dreams by next fall.  

Own land that could be suitable for waterfowl hunting?


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