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10 Must Follow Facebook Pages for Hunting

Hunting is an all-American pastime. There is nothing better than getting outside with friends and testing your mettle against nature. The rules and regulations of civilization seem no longer to apply while we fend for ourselves in the woods. It…

15 Reasons We Love Hunting And You Should Too!

Besides the thrill of the kill, deer hunting, while a hobby for some, is considered a sport among many professionals and enthusiasts. Many reasons exist for hunting deer, and many are supported through years of practice, accommodation for sport…
Addicted to deer hunting base camp leasing

Addicted to Deer Hunting? Us Too. 6 Reasons We Can't Stop

The reasons we deer hunt are as varied as the people who participate in the sport. Most people can probably name two, three or more reasons they relish the sport. Take a minute to think about the reasons you hunt, and see if they align with…
Learn from father about hunting base camp leasing

The Things I Learned From My Father About Hunting

I feel truly blessed to have grown up with a Father whose passion for the outdoors and hunting was encouraged and shared with his children.  Growing up on a small Wisconsin farm with 5 other brothers and sisters, life was always busy and money…