• Acres: 1,309

  • Max hunters: 15

  • Annual: $65,450*


Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time ever one of Alabama’s most renowned TREASURE Forests is available for lease. Previously known as Barton Ridge Plantation, a licensed hunting preserve for decades, this 2010 winner of the Helene Mosley Award for the most outstanding forest in Alabama, is nothing short of remarkable. The beauty of this 1,309-acre landscape is truly hard to place into words. I have never witnessed a property with as much elevation change, timber diversity, water, food plots, tree stands, established road systems, gun range, cabin, you name it; this property has it.

At the entrance of the property, you are greeted with a large iron gate, decorated in the Barton Ridge Plantation name. From there you round the bend to the main compound, complete with two expansive barns that are available for your use to either store equipment or place your RV/Camper. They would serve excellent for the RV/Camper of your choice. A full-scale walk-in deer cooler, capable of holding 30 deer, with hot water and stainless table tops also are available for your use. Once a thriving quail hunting operation, a large quail pen and expansive dog kennel are also available for your use if you would like to re-instate this property’s quail hunting heritage.

Leave this main compound and head into the heart of the property, first passing a 100-yard gun range then onto a 4-acre stocked pond complete with a boat house and boats for your use. It only continues to get better as you traverse deeper into the property. Beautiful Chipco and Meadow Branch creeks run all throughout the property, surrounded by towering oak forests. Over 70 acres of this property are in established food plots, most of which are surrounded by mature Sawtooth Oaks.

Tucked away along Meadow Branch Creek is also a two-bedroom/1 bath cabin complete with a kitchen and wood fireplace for your use. A large yard runs about the cabin, perfect for placing that RV/camper also.

Properties such as this NEVER come on the market. In order for you to hunt a property such as this you would be paying several thousand dollars just for a weekend hunt. Here is the opportunity to hunt a prestigious property for seasons to come. Just imagine the possibilities! This property has been under strict QDMA practices for decades, with 150″ deer being common. The deer aren’t spooky either. During my view of the property, I rode up to several deer who did not even spook out of the food plots. Also, not to mention a very healthy population of turkey. It is perfect for either game of your choice and is certain to provide some unbelievable hunts.

The landowners are excellent to work with and are looking for stewards of the land to maintain, cherish, and enjoy the rich heritage this property holds. Talk to the leasing agent today and schedule your viewing of this property. I can assure you, you will be in awe from the moment you enter the gate. I have been a hunter for 25 years and never have I witnessed a property such as this. Even writing this I still daydream of what a sit on a cool November morning would hold and the thought of that first warm spring day with gobblers sounding off…it just doesn’t get any better than this one.

**Multiple stands and shooting houses are present on the property. Use at your own risk.

**Hunters must contact the leasing agent to schedule a time to view the property. Landowners will be present for the viewing of the property.

**Property has a gated entrance, if leased hunters will be provided with their own code to the gate.

**Hunters will be responsible for yearly road maintenance of the property. Landowners have a backhoe, arrangements must be coordinated with landowner to use.

**Hunters will be responsible for field planting and cutting.

**Hunters will be responsible for harvesting a set number of does for landowners consumption. Landowners will determine the number.