We’re in the same food plot where my mother in law, Judy, killed her deer last year. He was actually standing right there. We were hunting in the red neck blind, but I kind of changed the architecture of the food plot a little bit. I changed the plot from last year. Last year was really the first year that we planted all this to food and it kind of changed how the deer are moving and we put the redneck blind up and it worked out great. When we got in to the later season I noticed some things I wanted to change a bit so we put in about an acre of corn. About 200 yards long and 24 yards wide. I wanted the corn for vertical cover to make the deer feel a little bit safe cause we’ve got the road about a half mile out there. It’s going to help me walk in. It’s going to pinch the deer down a little bit. Then we’ve got an acre of soy beans and then I planted this strip of soy beans in front of the redneck blind mainly because last year when we were hunting it, we had deer come by the redneck and we couldn’t see them out of the windows because they were so close so I planted a couple of widths of the planter to keep them 15 feet away from the blind. Now, later in the season they’ll be in there, feeding on those but its just more of a soft edge to keep the deer away because most of the deer come from that direction. We hunt this stand with anything of an east wind. A lot of times you don’t have an east wind. I need to figure out a way that we can hunt this food plot on some type of a west wind.

So we never had a tree stand on this food plot for forever and that’s kind of what we’re doing today. You’re going different from a box blind where you had only one option. Now we’re putting up a tree stand where you can get a whole different scenario. It’s just kind of a tough area. We’re on the very west side of the farm. That’s the edge of the property right there. It’s just a big Ag field out there. So we’re just trying to add to the habitat. If you notice, the food plot is really weedy. It’s good and bad. We’re not trying to grow a crop. We’re trying to grow a food plot for the deer but I think those weeds are going to add to the vertical cover we need as well to make them feel safe out here where normally they weren’t spending any kind of time. Trying to add to the huntability of it and get some type of a west wind stand. We’re going to put it down on the south end of the plot. Our wind’s going to be blowing right back to the house. Early season it may be more of an observation type stand. We may be sitting over there wishing we were sitting over there. But it’s still an opportunity to do a little recon and we can slip out without deer knowing we’re even in the world. The first couple weeks of October, we may be sitting out there and we may be seeing a deer here but we can’t hunt here unless we have that east wind, and that doesn’t happen very often. I think the stand we’re about to hang is going to be a dynamite late season spot. Mid December on into that January time frame. We get cold. We get snow. A lot of those deer are going to be coming to this area because we just have so much food.

When we were filming last season I had about 36-37 deer in the plot. 19 of them were bucks. They all congregated in a 20 yard spot at that end of the field. It just happens that it’s 30-40 of where I want to hang the stand. Learning from hunting last year and getting the hang of things. The cool thing about that is you can drive by that tree a thousand times and not think twice about it but just being aware of your surroundings and learning from past movement is important.