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Hunting Leases Done Right
Nathan Stoner was another one of our BCL photo contest finalists.  Nathan discusses his BCL lease: “It’s been interesting having my first hunting lease.  I’ve never been able to get a photo of a deer and be able to specifically hunt that deer.  That’s something that Base Camp Leasing’s program has allowed me to do.”
“We got the lease in August, set up trail cams and got tons of pictures.  There were 2 bucks that my buddy and I were going after.  We didn’t have any daylight pictures of either of them.  We had set up a new stand in a bean field and saw one of them the next night right before dark.  When I was up in the stand, I happened  to look down and there he was.  I did not even see him come in.  I had a split second to decide.  I had the perfect angle to shoot him and he went only 30 yeards before we found him.  He’s an 8 pointer in the 140’s.  I’ll be getting the deer as a head mount, but I’m still waiting to get it back from the taxidermist.”
Nathan’s love for hunting started when he was 12 years old.  A buddy’s father took the boys pheasant hunting.   Shortly thereafter he started deer hunting, getting his first bow at age 14.  At age 16, he got a bow tag and has been bow hunting ever since.  Nathan has hunted in southern Iowa his whole life and currently hunts in Davis County, Iowa.   Until he purchases his own hunting land, he likes the idea of leasing since the price is right and he can manage the land.

On Nathan’s bucket list is a bigger and better buck.  He’s taken a Boone & Crockett  172”;   The new goal is to get one at least 200”.   As Nathan states, “There’s something about whitetails that I’m enamored with.  I’m crazy about chasing them.  I’m not interested in big game.”

Nathan’s most memorable hunts include spending time with his wife hunting and camping.  “With 2 young kids, we don’t get a lot of time together.  We spent 3 days together during muzzle loader season.  She got into muzzle loader a couple years ago.  She hasn’t gotten a deer yet, but she’s had opportunities.”

Well done Nathan!

Covert Scouting Cameras

Wonder how to get good trail cam shots? Covert Scouting Cameras, Inc. has a few recommended tricks and tips to use when setting up cameras.  

Tricks and Tips

  • For best results, mount the camera approximately 4 feet off the ground facing straight forward and as level as possible.
  • To enhance the flash, we recommend positioning the camera in an area with a backdrop to reflect the maximum amount of light.  For instance, place the camera 20-30’ from a field edge facing the woods.  For the inside of timber, positioning the camera facing a thicket approximately 20-30’ away.
  • Try to set the camera up so it’s not facing directly into the sun either in the morning or the evening when game movement is at its peak.  It is optimal to face the camera toward the north or the south to avoid the rising and setting of the sun.
  • Use the Covert Tree60 mounting system to mount the camera up higher pointing down on them for a unique, better look.  This works great when you don’t have a tree nearby.
  • Make sure there’s no tall weeds or limbs directly in front of the camera so you don’t get a thousand pictures of moving grass!For setup videos and other useful tips, please visit us at www.covertscoutingcameras.com.  As always, we’re here providing premium products, with premium support.

Video or Still Images?

Many people wonder if they should run their cameras on video.  If you are using a camera with HD features, then videos are always a great option.

Featured Property #6655

Brown County, Illinois
1040 acres
Max Hunters: 15

This is exactly why you become a member of Base Camp Leasing…for farms like this!
Here’s a thousand plus acre farm for lease in Brown County, Illinois, sitting right in the heart of the golden triangle. The entire eastern side is bordered by the La Moine River, which lies right on the Brown and Schuyler County line.  This farm has it all and then some: timber, CRP, row crops, alfalfa, water, bedding, hog back ravines, river bottoms and an internal road system. Without a doubt, this is a farm that can be managed and has every ingredient to grow and hold big bucks. Upon talking with the landowner, there have been many 160 inch, along with several 170 inch bucks harvested from this farm throughout the years.  More info.

INTRODUCINGWestern Ohio & Southern Michigan

Leasing Agent:

Joe Brooks

Joe has spent almost his entire life in northwest Ohio chasing whitetails along the Ohio– Michigan border. Primarily a bow hunter he presently lives in Sylvania, Ohio with his wonderful wife Pat, who thankfully allows him great latitude to constantly hunt and fish in the outdoors. After working for the power company as a lineman for twenty years, and then eleven years for Cabela’s, Joe is now the Eastern Regional Sales Manager for BCL along with being an Agent for Western Ohio and Southern Michigan. Also, Joe has a degree in Wildlife Management and has written a best selling deer hunting book titled “YEAR-ROUND TROPHY WHITETAILS”.

As you see from the photo, western Ohio has the quality of whitetails and game that hunters are looking for. The key to great hunting is controlling hunting pressure and that is what a lease can do. Furthermore, hunters know they always will have a place for themselves and their children to have a quality outdoor experience for years to come.

Joe is up front, easy to talk to, and can be reached anytime to answer your questions or concerns about a western Ohio or southern Michigan hunting lease by phone at (419) 261-8555 or be email atjoe@basecampleasing.com.

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