This is the second part of a four part series on scent control.  The first part covered the importance of scent control and scent control clothing.  This time we will cover the use of laundry soap and footwear.

Laundry Soap

Having good hunting and scent control clothing does no good if you wash it in regular scented laundry detergent.  Please make sure you wash everything that you wear into the woods with a scent-free detergent.  There are many companies that make detergent especially for hunting clothes.  If you decide to use detergent from the grocery store, there are many that are dye free and scent-free that work great.  Just make sure you read the bottle or box.

To skip this step, or any other, in the scent-control system, will greatly lower your odds.  You need to go all the way or not at all.  Once your clothes are clean and scent free, place them in your scent-free bags or containers.  Do not put these clothes on until you are ready to hunt.  Plus, make sure that all of the undergarments that you are wearing were washed in the same scent-free soap.


No true trophy hunter would be caught without good knee-high, rubber boots.  There are many quality brands of boots on the market.  It does no good to wear scent-free clothing only to leave human scent all over the ground for deer to smell.  This is most important in areas of high hunting pressure.

Never wear your boots unless you are hunting.  Keep them clean by washing them with baking soda and water.  Then store them in a scent-free bag or container.  You will find these boots lose the ability to contain your scent after a couple of seasons and you should replace them.

When you do wear these boots, liberally spray them down with a good scent eliminator spray.  Bear in mind, a buck’s nose spends most of its time between approximately the height of your waist and then down to the ground.  The less scent you leave behind the better.