This is the third installation of the four part series about scent control.


Scent eliminating sprays have been very controversial.  Some people believe they have no real purpose and are nothing but baking soda and water.  Whether this is true or not, you should still use them.  There are many scent eliminating sprays on the market.  Find one that you feel works best and use it.  It cannot hurt, and it is furthermore a great confidence builder as you walk to your stand.

Take the time before you head to your stand and spray down thoroughly.  Spray down your outer clothes before you put them on.  Spray down your rubber hunting boots and your pants.  Spray your hat and backpack.  Spray anything that you think you should, and it will improve your confidence while you hunt.

Taking A Shower

Now that everything you wear is totally scent free, why would you wear after-shave into the woods?  Hopefully you would not.  The cleaner and more scent free you keep your body and hair the better.

Human odor comes from bacteria growing on your body and hair.  The more you shower, the better you will control bacteria.  Do not be afraid to shower before every hunt, even if that means twice a day for morning and evening hunts.

Make sure you use scent-control soap and shampoo that you can find at better sporting goods stores.  Then use a scent free deodorant so that you remain odor free.

Good hygiene is essential to the low profile hunting system.  It is one more very important item that will help put the odds in your favor, so that you can take home that monster buck.