So you need a place to hunt? You’re in the southeast and are just tired of dealing with the constant pressure, early morning, and failed hunts that come with public land hunting. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Tens of thousands of hunters every year are making the switch from hunting public ground to purchasing hunting leases. Tennessee hunting leases are a hot commodity and could be the solution to making your next hunt the best yet.

Why A hunting Lease.

Think about it; you are already investing time and resources into hunting. From clothing to weapons, travel money is often poured into your lifestyle. So why not spend money on the most important aspect of hunting? Where you will do ing the actual hunting.

Using a hunting lease from a quality company is the difference between a good hunt and a GREAT hunt. All hunting leases offered on the Base Camp Leasing website are top-notch. A qualified agent will assess the land for hunting purposes, ensuring that the lease you chose is the one you want. WE only work with landowners who take great care of their land and care about the conservation and wildlife.

Hunting Leases in Tennesse

Home to some amazing hunting, a private hunting lease is the best way to experience all that Tennessee has to offer. After you know the area, you would like to hunt, simply search our website and see what we have available. If you do not see the perfect lease, don’t worry! We are constantly updating our list of leases.

Enjoy Tennessee hunting the best way possible, with a quality hunting lease.

Turkey Hunting In Tennessee

Tennessee turkey hunting is serious business. With a population of 300,00 and 120,000 licenses sold annually, your chances of bringing home a big tom are high. The state is loosely divided into three sections, all of which hold different terrain for turkey hunting.

  • River bottoms can be found in West Tennessee.
  • Towards the state’s middle, you can find many crop fields and open cattle pastures.
  • The further east you go, the rougher the terrain gets. Filled with mountains and dense forests.

While the state went through a rough patch with population numbers, they have turned it around. The effort from Tennesee Wildlife Resource Agency has ensured a stable and growing population of turkeys. That will provide hunters with top-notch hunting for years to come.

If you are looking for a great reason to buy a Tennessee hunting lease, the high-level turkey hunting could be it!

Deer Hunting In Tennessee

Tennessee may not be known for its massive bucks, even though the tucker buck was shot there, but it is still some excellent hunting.

It has a good deer density, with an estimated whitetail population of 700,000. Anyone looking to really fill their freezers would enjoy their time here as a multi-buck state. You can find the best deer hunting on the west side of the state, nearing the Mississippi.

Eastern Tennessee also provides a fun and exciting challenge for hunters. You can find yourself doing some serious hiking and adventuring with its rugged terrain. The difficult terrain also means fewer hunters, which then translates to larger buck sizes in these areas.

Duck Hunting

Duck hunting in Tennessee varies depending on where you are in the state. It can go from world-class to nonexistent in a matter of miles. However, if duck hunting is your goal, you will not be disappointed with what you find.

Advantages to duck hunting in Tennessee are:

  • Mississippi Flyway: What really sets Tennessee apart in duck hunting is its location. It is directly on the best waterfowl flyway in the country.
  • Variety: due to it being on the Mississippi flyway, Tennessee offers the chance to kill multiple different species of duck
  • Habitats: From the Mississippi river to flooded crop fields, the state offers any type of terrain you would like for waterfowl hunting.


Waterfowl Migration Flyways


Overall, hunters may not be coming from around the world to duck hunt in Tennessee. But some of the unique aspects of Tennessee make it more than viable for hunters in the area.

Elk Hunting in Tennessee

Elk hunting in Tennessee? You heard me right! While it is not a common occurrence in the volunteer state, they have done something really unique when it comes to hunting Elk. Tennessee introduced a raffle to win a quota hunt on Elk! Giving a select number of people the chance to take down one of North America’s biggest games!

Some of the advantages of a Tennessee elk quota hunt are:

  • Best Hunting Zones: You are awarded the ability to hunt in Tennessee Zone 1. Which is known around the state as the best possible place to hunt elk in the state
  • The rut. The Tennessee DNR knows what they are doing when they put these hunts together. Your hunt would be during the rut, giving you the best possible chance to get a kill
  • Time: There is no rush when you get the chance to hunt. With the trip extending one full week. Giving the lucky hunters an ample amount of time to pull off what can often be a difficult hunt.
  • Success Rates: Sixty-one bull elk (49 firearms, 12 archery) have been killed since the inaugural elk hunt in 2009, putting the success rate of hunters using firearms at 71% and bows at 46%.
  • It’s an Elk Hunt!! Overall this really shows how deeply intertwined hunting is with Tennessee. From the people that call it home to a federal level, they love to hunt.

Get Your Tennessee Hunting Lease

Overall, Tennessee is a great state to hunt in. the rugged terrain to open fields gives every hunter a chance to experience what they enjoy.  Enjoy your hunting trip and do it with a Tennessee hunting lease from Base Camp Leasing. See what leases we have in Tennessee today!