Earn Additional Money On Your Land

Making a living off the land is not for everyone. But understanding how to utilize the resources wisely to generate a payday is a big part of a landowner’s success. Every farmer has a plan to revenue for the year from row crops to timber harvests to CRP, making sure that you are sustainably working the land is critical. Leasing your property is an noninvasive way to generate revenue from your farm ground, while also providing protection against trespassing and controlling detrimental wildlife populations that could be causing significant crop damage. By reaching out to Base Camp Leasing and its team of land appraisal experts, you will be earning supplemental income from your property in no time, while protecting your land from unwanted people and animals.

Why lease your land? Expense Land Enhancements, Control Wildlife, Generate Income, and Prevent Trespassing.

“The hunters on my land have been very respectful and I am happy to have them coming in again this fall. I would recommend this process to those interested in having hunters on their land, and as a source of extra income from your property.”


“I am a happy Base Camp Leasing landowner for three years running now. Base Camp has made it easy with a turn-key system, includes liability coverage, even showing the place to prospective clients for me.”


“Our farm leased within hours of being placed on the public website. We could not be happier with the entire experience.”



Start earning revenue by leasing your property to hunters. Fill out the form below to have your local leasing agent contact you to discuss how much money Base Camp Leasing can help you earn on your recreational property.

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