As far as investments go, it is hard to find one that has as much upside as owning land. I mean heck, they aren’t making any more of it, are they? We are going to break down our all-around favorite ways to earn extra income on your land, passively!

Maybe you have never owned land before and you heard that it is a hot commodity and solid investment. Or perhaps you already own land (maybe you own too MUCH land) and are ready to turn it into a passive income machine.

This blog goes over 5 of the biggest ways to take a piece of land, and let it start earning you money right away!

1. Lease The Hunting Rights

Arguably the easiest way for you to begin earning passive income on your land quickly would be to lease the hunting rights.

Depending on how well suited your land is for hunting, among other factors, will determine the potential money to be made.

If you have things like an abundance of rubs, stellar trail cam footage of big bucks, a food plot even, the price you are able to charge goes up. While it previously was a daunting process to allow strangers to pay to hunt on your land, in 2021 it has gotten simplified.

The introduction of hunting lease insurance and vacant land insurance was also a game-changer. Ensuring that you as a landowner can always be protected from potential legal costs on your land.

You are now able to take the work out of the process and let a team of professionals take care of it for you! Companies like Base Camp Leasing have thousands of leases being used every day. Constantly adding to their inventory of high-quality leases, if you don’t see exactly what you would like, just wait, they may have it soon!

2. Timber

Timberland investment is something that may be easy to miss if you don’t know what you are looking for. You might already have a stash of trees that are ready to let you start earning.

When you work with professionals in timberland investment they make sure it is done right. This means cutting down only the right trees in order to keep them growing and earning indefinitely!

The amount you can earn on your land with timber can vary greatly. Depending on certain factors like k types of tree and the current market.  This again is where working with real land professionals comes into play for helping you earn income on your land.

If you do not have trees for timber investments, or not as much as you like owning land gives you the ability to plant the trees you would like!

The first cornerstone to establishing a hunting lease is hunting lease liability insurance. Look for a program that is designed to protect the landowner and the hunter as both parties can buy hunting lease insurance. For the landowner specifically, insurance is crucial to cover the scenarios that a liability waiver will not. Knowing that you have protection from hunting accidents, bodily injuries, property damage, and lawsuits and legal defense coverage gives you peace of mind to enjoy the source of income. While there are many options out there for hunting lease insurance, a great policy should offer benefits like:  

  • Legal defense in court for insured parties 
  • Bodily injury coverage 
  • Property damage coverage 
  • Medical payments for accidents unrelated to liability  
  • Coverage of all members that the hunting lease agreement lists 
  • Guest liability coverage 
  • Fire coverage liability  
  • Liability from tree stands and ATVs 
  • A fully customizable hunting lease agreement 

Coverage and protection allow landowners to be comfortable with leasing and keeps them from being overly involved with the hunters. A constantly worried landowner that checks up on the hunter’s location, access, vehicle usage, and hunting tactics to protect his/her interests will ruin the chance of any future leasing. Liability insurance and a binding hunting lease agreement protects your interests as a landowner while at the same time creating a more attractive lease for a hunter.

3. Vacation Rental

Somewhat new to the game, if you have a house on your land you are in for a real cash cow! The days of stuffy motels are over and people want to experience vacation from the comfort of someone else’s home!

Companies like Air BnB have made it super easy and accessible to list your homes for the public. A house on a piece of land is a destination itself! Folks from the city are more than willing to shell out for a stay in the country.

4. Camping Rental

Even newer to the game are camping rentals! Imagine this, you own 30 acres. You have a small corner off the edge of your pond that you know is beautiful. You just don’t have a use for it. Flatten it out, add an access road and a bonfire pit, and BOOM you have an easily marketable spot on your land that people will love to pay money for.

Companies like Hipcamp, much like Air BnB, have made this as accessible as the internet is. It is also up to you how much extra effort you want to put into your land to make it capable.

5. Farm Land Leasing

Something that should come as no shock to people is the ability to lease a part of your land to farmers!

If you have 80 acres and really just do not use all of it, get in contact with a local farmer! Depending on the conditions of your land you could be eligible to have the farmer pay you to put crops on it!

It is another super easy and hands-off way to earn income on your land that every landowner could benefit from or at least look into!


Buying a piece of rural land could seem daunting. It is not quite the same as just buying a residential home and there are hundreds of small variables to consider. However, in today’s day and age, there are systems in place to assist you in those things. Making passive income on that land extremely easy to come by!

If you are in the market or are now convinced of how good of an investment land is. Get in contact with us today! Additionally, we have dozens of properties available to buy right now. That could start generating you passive income fast!