We would like to address one of the licensees/hunter’s biggest concerns on a hunting lease: trespassing. Whether a trespasser is hunting the property without consent or utilizing the property for recreational purposes, trespassing affects the quality of the hunt and the quality of the lease. As a landowner, there are several steps you can take to help:


  • If your property is not already posted with highly visible signs around the perimeter of the property, consider allowing the hunters to post No Trespassing signs. Walk the perimeter to make sure no one can come across onto your property without seeing a sign.
  • Notify individuals & neighbors whom you may have allowed to hunt in previous years that you have leased the exclusive hunting rights to your property and your property is now off-limits.
  • When deciding on food plot layouts, keep the food plot away from places people can see. Don’t tempt trespassers onto your property.
  • Always lock your gates and make sure hunters have access to the property.
  • Stop by your property at random times. Trespassers often target absentee landowner properties.
  • Collect evidence of trespassing by taking a photo of the violators or their vehicles and license plates, along with date & time, and report them. Let the trespassers know you mean business by following through with prosecution.  Let the hunters know you support them doing the same.
  • Have an open dialogue with the hunter and discuss how you plan to deal with trespassers and what the role of the hunter is for dealing with trespassers. Per the “Hunting License and Indemnity agreement” signed by both hunter and landowner, the landowner has given the hunter the right to also prosecute claims for trespassing which affect the Licensee’s hunting rights for as long as he has that lease.
  • Let the hunter know you support him in reporting trespassing.

Base Camp Leasing has been assisting landowners and hunters since 1999. One of the benefits of being in this business is hearing success stories from landowners and hunters alike. If everything goes well, it’s a win-win-win for everyone.

Do not hesitate to contact the main office at 866-309-1507 or your Leasing Agent if you have any questions. You can also email questions or comments to info@basecampleasing.com.