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You are on your way to earning more money from your land. Your leasing agent will be in contact with you soon. Find out what’s next below.


The information you provided will be sent to your local professional leasing agent to begin the land evaluation process


You will be sent a landowner packet via email that explains our program more in-depth hoping to answer any questions you might have


Your leasing agent will reach out to you to discuss more about your land and how much more you could earn from your land

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Base Camp Leasing Supporting Farm Rescue

FISHERS, IN – Base Camp Leasing is proud to support Farm Rescue, an organization that provides assistance to farm and ranch families in Mid Western States and has assisted over 800 families in crisis since 2006. The support that BCL provides will help farming communities and families in need in 2022.

Freedom Hunters

FISHERS, IN -Base Camp Leasing is proud to support Freedom Hunters, an organization that focuses on honoring our nation’s finest from field to field. Base Camp Leasing believes in its mission to salute the noble work of our courageous men and women of our Armed Forces by taking them on outdoor…


Trust the #1 Hunting Lease Company In America to handle your hunting lease needs like thousands of other landowners across America.


The average Base Camp Leasing landowner could earn $17,000-$25,000 over a five-year period from leasing their land for hunting.


With over 22 years of experience, Base Camp Leasing are the experts when it comes to handling hunting leases in America.

“So far my experience with Base Camp Leasing has been Good. Doug my Representative has been Great to work with, he always calls me back and answers all my questions. The hunters that leased my property are good people, just doing what they enjoy.”

Richard | Ohio

How is trespassing handled on a property?2021-12-01T09:52:55-05:00

How is trespassing handled on a property?

The hunters are responsible for protecting the property from trespassers. They are responsible for posting the property and monitoring it. On the majority of our leases through Base Camp Leasing hunters have the authority to press charges against anyone who is caught trespassing on the property. The provides a hands-off approach for the landowner. They are not bothered with handling any trespassing issues.

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Can the hunters bring guests on my property?2021-12-01T09:53:39-05:00

Can the hunters bring guests on my property?

No, all hunters who will have access to a property must be listed on the lease. Anyone who access the property and is not listed on the lease will be consider as trespassing.

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Can I still access my property after it is leased?2021-12-01T09:55:54-05:00

Can I still access my property after it is leased?

The property still belongs to you. You are allowed full access to the property even during a lease. We just ask landowners to be mindful of when hunters are on the property. They are paying a premium price to hunt your property and deserve to have as few interruptions as possible.

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Who is responsible for posting the property?2021-12-01T09:56:35-05:00

Who is responsible for posting the property?

The hunters who lease the property are responsible for making sure the property is posted properly to prevent unwanted trespassing on the property.

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Is there any out-of-pocket cost to the landowner?2021-12-01T09:57:02-05:00

Is there any out-of-pocket cost to the landowner?

Leasing a property through Base Camp leasing doesn’t cost a landowner anything. Base Camp Leasing gets paid for our services in the form of commission once a property is leased.

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Do I get to meet the hunters on my property?2021-12-01T09:57:30-05:00

Do I get to meet the hunters on my property?

Once the property is leased you will receive the hunter’s contact information. You will be able to reach out to them at any time during the lease.

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Who sets the number of hunters for a property?2021-12-01T09:58:04-05:00

Who sets the number of hunters for a property?

The leasing agent will suggest the number of hunters that could comfortably hunt a given property. The idea with limiting the number of hunters is to provide a better experience for the hunters. Also, to ensure the property isn’t being over hunted with too many people having access.

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How is the price determined on a property?2021-12-01T09:58:39-05:00

How is the price determined on a property?

Pricing for a lease is determined by the leasing agent for the territory. Their experience and knowledge of the going price is how they determine a quote for a property. Many factors will be taken into consideration when an agent is determining the price. Some of those include, the amount of timber, age of the timber, food sources, water, terrain, and population of game in the area.

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