A hunting lease in its simplest form is an agreement between the landowner (you) and a hunter or group of hunters, giving the right to hunt the privately owned land. This agreement benefits the hunters by giving them hunting access to private land, while benefiting the landowner with a passive income source and several other benefits.

Some of the benefits of using Base Camp Leasing are listed below. We treat our landowners property with the utmost respect, and our hunters who lease property through Base Camp Leasing are held to those same high standards.

Enjoy the benefits of leasing the hunting rights on your land:

  • Passive Income Stream
  • Premium Insurance Coverage
  • Deter Trespassing
  • Reduce Crop Damage
  • Manage Wildlife Populations
  • Professionally Written Lease that Protects Both the Landowner and the Hunter


Base Camp Leasing is the only resource a hunter needs to find quality hunting property for lease. Being that resource allows us to quickly and efficiently lease your hunting land, releasing all of the benefits of a hunting lease, including the income, to you the landowner. We make it easy for you to discover what your hunting land might be worth to hunters looking to lease, help you work through your concerns and goals for the land, and take your newly listed lease directly to our network of motivated hunters.

When you lease the hunting rights on you property through Base Camp Leasing, you enjoy all the benefits of leasing – a passive income stream, insurance coverage, detering tresspasing, reducing crop damage, and/or managing wildlife populations.

If you are interested in seeing how our hunting land leases work, please fill out the Interest Form on this page so that we can contact you with the information. All of your information is kept confidential and will be given only to those who have interest in leasing your property upon initiation of our broker agreement.


How is the value of my property determined?

The value of the property depends on many variables. Just a few are: What State, what County, how much timber and cover, access, quality of game, neighboring properties, livestock on property, demand etc.

Does the liability insurance cost me anything?

No, free to landowners that lease their property through Base Camp.

Can I restrict the game species to be hunted?

Yes, if there is species you do not want the hunters to hunt we can make this an amendment. However, this may change the value of the lease.

Is my agreement for one year with Base Camp?

If Base Camp leases the property you will need to provide a 60 day notice to exit the program and wait until the hunting lease expires. If the property hasn’t leased in the first 120 days, you may exit immediately with written notice.

Am I responsible for posting the land or trespassing?

It is the Hunter’s responsibility to post the property if they wish. If someone gets caught trespassing the hunters have the right within the lease to press charges.

What percentage of the lease does Base Camp get?

The landowner receives 75% of what the property leases for. Base Camp Leasing retains 25% commission.

Can I still farm my property?

Yes, your normal farming practices are allowed.

When do I get my payment?

Once Base Camp finds the hunters to commit to the property and they have finalized with a contract and payment.


They are always very friendly and helpful all the time. -Scott (PA)


Let me understand hunting leasing better and took care of advertising and paperwork with what seemed to be my interest. - Bobby (OH)


Everything is done in a business-like manner. - Richard (MO)


Finding good quality hunters – Angelo (MI)


They send me great people to hunt my land –Jerry (IA)


You make it easy to lease out our land for hunting! - Scott (OH)


You take care of everything; all I have to do is cash a check! - David (KS)


Rented land quickly and at a good price. - George (WI)


Most of the licensees (hunters) have taken good care of the property and kept trespassers out, I am very happy with Base Camp. - Jeff (IN)


In my dealings you have been: well organized, responsive to inquiries, A+ Newsletter, Christmas "thank – you", stamp return envelopes – Douglas (NY)


Very satisfied and would recommend the program to landowners and hunters alike. Our licensees are above friendly – Robert (PA)


I have been completely satisfied with Base Camp and with its president Steve Meng, who came out in person to look at the properties. As for any suggestions on how you could improve – just keep doing what you are doing. - Ed (MI)


"Our farm leased within hours of being placed on the public website. We could not be happier with the entire experience."


"I am a happy Base Camp Leasing landowner for three years running now. Base Camp has made it easy with a turn-key system, includes liability coverage, even showing the place to prospective clients for me."


“The hunters on my land have been very respectful and I am happy to have them coming in again this fall. I would recommend this process to those interested in having hunters on their land, and as a source of extra income from your property.”

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