Have questions about how Base Camp Leasing works? Learn everything from what a hunting lease is to what you can expect from being a Base Camp Leasing landowner.

What is a hunting lease?

“A hunting lease is simply an agreement under which a hunter(s) pays a landowner for the right to hunt on his or her land for a pre-determined amount of time and cost.”

American Hunting Lease Association


Trust the #1 Hunting Lease Company In America. There is a reason why landowners across the country have trusted Base Camp Leasing.

25 Years

We have been trusted by landowners across the country for over 25 years to broker the hunting rights to their land.


Average Base Camp Leasing landowners earn on average $17,000 to $25,000 + over 5 years. Start earning your passive income.

Why Base Camp Leasing

This agreement benefits the hunters by giving them hunting access to private land, while benefiting the landowner with a passive income source and several other benefits.

Base Camp Leasing is the only resource a hunter needs to find quality hunting property for lease.  With 25 years of experience, Base Camp has fine-tuned the leasing process allowing us to quickly and efficiently lease your hunting land,  thereby releasing all of the benefits of a hunting lease, including the income, to you the landowner.

We make it easy for you to discover what your hunting land might be worth to hunters looking to lease, help you work through your concerns and goals for the land, and take your newly listed lease directly to our network of motivated hunters.

Reasons Why To Consider

Many landowners are realizing the value of leasing hunting rights to their huntable land for an additional income stream and property security. We are constantly in search of quality hunting land for lease. Don’t rule out your land because you might think it’s not an optimum hunting lease, simply contact us to find out. You’ll be surprised to learn the monetary return that your property may hold for hunting.

  • $5 million liability insurance policy included

  • Avoid dealing with feuds between parties that want to hunt your property for free

  • Professionally written hunting lease that includes a release of liability clause

  • Reduce crop damage from hunter’s wildlife management

  • Eliminate trespassing and poaching

  • Allow peace of mind knowing who is hunting your property

The Landowner Journey

Below is a step-by-step timeline of what you can expect when thinking about leasing the hunting right to your land with Base Camp Leasing.

1 |  Complete and submit the landowner form on this page with your information.

2 |  Then you will receive a BCL landowner packet with more information

3 |  Your professional Leasing Agent will contact you to provide you with an estimate of the value of your hunting lease.

4 |  If you decide to proceed, a broker listing agreement will be sent to you that outlines property and hunting lease details including the lease price and the maximum number of hunters on the lease.

5 |  Your leasing agent will visit your property and take photos to use for marketing on our website.

6 |  Your property will be featured on our website and weekly membership emails for our hunters to view and available to place a deposit on.

7 |  We’ll mail you a new landowner kit that contains your $5 million liability insurance certificate, helpful hints, BCL logo items and a Base Camp Leasing file folder for all your Base Camp paperwork.

8 |  If interested in your property, a member will request driving directions/permission to inspect the property.

9 |  A member wanting to lease your property will make a deposit on the property and the property will be converted to “pending” status. The hunter is emailed a lease agreement with the final amount due in 1 week.

10 |  Once final payment is received, Base Camp Leasing cuts the landowner a check the next day and notifies you of the lessee’s name and contact information.

11 |  Now the primary hunter and other authorized hunters are free to access the property.

12 |  The landowner can login to the BCL Landowner Portal account to see their property, hunter(s), and lease details.

13 |  Your property will automatically be re-enrolled with Base Camp Leasing until you notify us otherwise.

14 |  The current hunter has the first right of renewal the following year. If they choose not to renew, your property will once again be marketed to our member hunters to lease.

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