Hunters will pay to hunt your land!

Farming is becoming a tough business. Crop prices are low and input costs and taxes only go up. Earning a profit is harder than ever.

Let Base Camp Leasing help you turn your huntable farmland into a growing income stream for you and your family through our Hunting Rights Lease Program. We will broker a mutually beneficial agreement between you, the landowner, and hunters willing to pay top dollar to hunt on quality private land.


What Our Landowners Say...
Base Camp attracts high quality hunters, offers great insurance coverage and is easy to work with! - Beverly, South Dakota
Base Camp gets the ground leased in a timely manner and payment comes with comfort! - Ronald, Missouri
I like the ease of use. It's a productive profitable way to share the land with good people. - Pamela, Indiana



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We do all the work so that you can collect top dollar!

Our Hunting Lease Program…

is the largest and most respected in the nation, with thousands of active leases across 28 states. The hunter demand we have built over the past 20 years of marketing has been phenomenal. We are continually investing in the latest technologies to ensure an efficient and customer friendly process. Base Camp has been successfully pairing landowners and hunters together for more than 20 years. We have trained leasing agents in 28 states that are dedicated land and hunting specialist ready to assist as needed.  

Our trained agents will:

  • Perform a free inspection and create a detailed profile of your property
  • Consult with you to understand your timberland goals, commercial obligations and requirements
  • Promote your property to Base Camp Leasing’s massive online network of motivated hunters
  • Broker a professional agreement between you and prospective hunters

We treat our farmland landowners property with the utmost respect, and our hunters who lease property through Base Camp Leasing are held to those same high standards