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#1 No Trespassing Signs

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#1 No Trespassing Signs – These signs are an essential tool for hunters and landowners! Our full color “No Trespassing” signs are sure to be noticed by any potential trespassers. They’re going to know you mean business and want to protect your property! These signs are made from a fade resistant, durable plastic so once they’re posted they aren’t going anywhere.

This agreement benefits the hunters by giving them hunting access to private land, while benefiting the landowner with a passive income source and several other benefits.

Base Camp Leasing is the only resource a hunter needs to find quality hunting property for lease.  With 22 years of experience, Base Camp has fine-tuned the leasing process allowing us to quickly and efficiently lease your hunting land,  thereby releasing all of the benefits of a hunting lease, including the income, to you the landowner.

We make it easy for you to discover what your hunting land might be worth to hunters looking to lease, help you work through your concerns and goals for the land, and take your newly listed lease directly to our network of motivated hunters.

Base Camp Leasing was founded by Steve Meng, an accomplished whitetail deer hunter and former grain industry professional. Steve took his passion for hunting and turned it into a career. Personally experiencing discouragement in the lack of accessibility to private hunting property, Steve was motivated to develop a mutually beneficial business model to serve both landowners and hunters alike. Established in 1999, Base Camp Leasing has led the way in the hunting lease industry and continues to expand to new states every year.

“Live the lifestyle”, a core value of Base Camp Leasing, is one of the reasons for our growth and success. Our team understands the importance of landowners and the role they play in allowing hunters the ability to enjoy the resource of private hunting land. As a matter of fact, Base Camp Leasing is “Powered by the American Landowner”, where we see first-hand the joy, memories, and smiles thousands of hunters experience by utilizing our service to find the right hunting lease property.

#1 No Trespassing Signs

#1 No Trespassing Signs