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Our agreements are time tested, PLUS $5 million in liability insurance is included on every property. See sample agreements and liability certificates, as well as landowner testimonials, in the digital packet download. Learn more about the agreements and insurance below.

Base Camp Leasing Landowner Packet
  • What is the hunting license agreement?

A hunting license agreement is a contract between the lessor (landowner) and the lessee (hunter) with Base Camp Leasing as a third-party agent that states the terms and conditions set forth by both parties.

  • What is a listing agreement?

A listing agreement is a contract between the landowner and Base Camp Leasing to find hunters to lease the hunting rights on your land at an agreed-upon price and terms set by you.

  • What is the certificate of liability insurance?

The liability certificate will serve as proof of coverage and will detail the coverage limits. $5 million in coverage is included on every property!


Revenue paid in total to landowners


Acres opened up for hunting


Worth of referrals paid to landowners


Donations/support for conservation

4.4 rating | 85+ reviews

I’ve been using Base Camp Leasing to lease out the hunting rights to my land for years now. I could not be any happier with them. They are professional, have great customer service and are experienced at what they do. Congrats on 25 years!

“Leasing is the best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to hunting. I get access to some of the best hunting land around without having to spend the money that it takes to buy it.”

“I inherited a large amount of land and wasn’t for sure what to do with it. After hearing all of my options, enrolling it with Base Camp Leasing made the most sense. I now have been able to keep this land in the family name.”


The property still belongs to you. You are allowed full access to the property even during a lease. We just ask landowners to be mindful of when hunters are on the property. They are paying a premium price to hunt your property and deserve to have as few interruptions as possible.

The hunters are responsible for protecting the property from trespassers. They are responsible for posting the property and monitoring it. On the majority of our leases through Base Camp Leasing hunters have the authority to press charges against anyone who is caught trespassing on the property. The provides a hands-off approach for the landowner. They are not bothered with handling any trespassing issues.

The leasing agent will suggest the number of hunters that could comfortably hunt a given property. The idea with limiting the number of hunters is to provide a better experience for the hunters. Also, to ensure the property isn’t being over hunted with too many people having access.

Once the property is leased you will receive the hunter’s contact information. You will be able to reach out to them at any time during the lease.

Pricing for a lease is determined by the leasing agent for the territory. Their experience and knowledge of the going price is how they determine a quote for a property. Many factors will be taken into consideration when an agent is determining the price. Some of those include, the amount of timber, age of the timber, food sources, water, terrain, and population of game in the area.

No, all hunters who will have access to a property must be listed on the lease. Anyone who access the property and is not listed on the lease will be consider as trespassing.

The hunters who lease the property are responsible for making sure the property is posted properly to prevent unwanted trespassing on the property.

Leasing a property through Base Camp leasing doesn’t cost a landowner anything. Base Camp Leasing gets paid for our services in the form of commission once a property is leased.