Where Can I Hunt near me?

A question that at times can plague even the most experienced hunters. For most, the days of freely hunting any land they choose because “It’s my god-given right”  are behind them. Which leaves hunters with two options, public hunting land and private hunting land.

Public Land

By definition, public land hunting ground is owned by federal, state, county, or local governments and is open for everyone to access, often for free. While that idea sounds good in theory, public land is often monitored on a state by state or even district by district department. Meaning that there is almost no consistency across agencies, making it, so you never know if the expeirence you are going to get is a quality one or not.

Hunting on Federal Land

Users of federal land enjoy its consistent quality and high-level habitat management. Examples of federal land would be:

  • National Parks
  • Nationals Forests
  • Wildlife Refuges
  • BLM Land

Each with its own unique traits. While the most common type of federal land is National Parks, they are not in place for hunting. With some of the most hard-core rules around hunting on the property, national parks are unfortunately off the board completely for hunters.

National Forest land, however, can be hunted. The forest service operates them under the Department of Agriculture. SO you can be sure that the wildlife and habitat management is top-notch. You can also do some backcountry camping, so if you enjoy pitching a tent and hunting where you see fit, a National Forest could be for you.

More Public Land Hunting

National wildlife Refugees are similar in the way you can hunt the land. They are managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, making them great for hunting, fishing, and trapping. With the inclusion of marshland, National Wildlife Refuges are often home to some really great waterfowl. Each state has at least one, so there may be one close to home right now!

The Bureau of Land Management is something exclusive to the newest. So if you find yourself to the east of Colorado, skip this part! Also known as the Department of the Interior, BLM offers the chance to hunt, target shoot, backcountry camp, and take your ATVs. Out of all public land, BLM offers the most freedom for recreation. Although it can be used for mining, making it not as naturally pristine as, say, a national park, it is still very much worth exploring.

State Parks, the final public land to go over. State parks are pretty hit or miss as far as hunting on the land goes. In states like California, absolutely no state parks allow hunting to any degree. So if you plan on hunting a state park near you, do your research first.

Private Land

For some hunters, access to public land is more than enough to meet their hunting needs. However, as time moves forward, more and more hunters are beginning to realize some of the advantages that come with using private land.

Access and amount of private hunting land differ by state. While some states are home to minimal private land, a state like Iowa is made up of 99% private land. Showing that private land is a huge part of hunting in today’s age.

Gaining access to private land used to be challenging on some level. Suppose you are not one of the lucky few to own quality land or know someone who does, private hunting properties used to be hard to find. Forget the days of knocking on doors or, god forbid, putting an ad in your local paper.

Hunting Lease Companies

Companies like Base Camp Leasing have taken it upon themselves to provide an affordable and convenient solution. Working around the country with outdoorsman and landowners alike, a network of high-quality land you can lease has been created. With over 3,000 active leases right now, Base Camp Leasing is the countries al; rarest and most active hunting lease company.

Leave the pressure of public land behind you next season. Enjoy your next trip to the fullest with your own hunting lease. See our available leases here!


Hunting is something that has been around for as long as people have. It is ingrained into many parts of our society and will continue to be for generations. Access to quality land that is treated with respect is what makes it so great. There are many options to choose from when it comes to land, so pick wisely!