Memorial Day weekend has passed, and I don’t know about you. But to ME, that means summer has officially begun. Making it the perfect time to try out so fresh new takes on wild game recipes!

Pair that with lifted COVID Restrictions, and we are in for one heck of a summer this year! Boating, sports games, fireworks, and everything in between! The only thing that can make it even better is using some of that wild game meat filling up your freezer! But forget venison jerky and turkey breast; we’re spicing up our wild game this summer with these awesome recipes!

#1 Beer Can Pheasant

This is a unique twist on a grilling classic like many wild game recipes! With the idea taken from chicken being grilled with a beer can. There are just a few modifications needed to make it work perfectly for pheasants!

#2 Jalapeno Elk Meatball Sandwiches 

Now, elk isn’t exactly the most common meat people have sitting at home waiting to be used. But if you are lucky enough to have some elk at home, this is the recipe for you,

Combining the elk’s lean meat with the fat of the bacon and the kick of the jalapenos. Making it the perfect way to spice up a BBQ. The elk meat can be substituted for venison, but the dish really shines if you can pack your meatballs with the intended meat.

#3 Sloppy Does, Venison Wild Game Recipe

The name really says it all for this one! A new take on an American classic, sloppy joes!

But with this recipe, you are doing more than just substituting one meat for wild game! There are a couple of secret add-ins that make this recipe a real crowd-pleaser.

The high amount of ad-ins and additional flavors makes this one of the best recipes for the picky eater in your life. Or someone who has simply never tried wild game before!

#4 Tropical Venison Quesadilla

Probably both the easiest dish to make on the list. AS well as the most crowd-pleasing.

It does not stray too far from the original quesadilla. But the additions of mango and shredded venison really help mix things up. The citrus notes are the perfect addition to the quesadilla to make it a summer hit in the hot weather. Pair this with a margarita or beer, and you are having yourself a wild game fiesta this summer!


#5 Deep Fried Sriracha Turkey

Now. I know what you’re thinking. That this list ISNT supposed to be about your basic takes on wild game. Deep frying a turkey is no revolutionary idea by any means. But this turkey that is deep-fried with one of my favorite hot sauces had to make a list.

The recipe is really thought out. AS in, it was not just made by a hungry hunter, but a tried and true chef who stands by this recipe wholeheartedly. Since it is June 1st, at the time I’m writing this article, this would be the best time to give a turkey recipe. With the seasons coming to an end across the country.

Put that bird to good use and impress everyone!

#6 Grilled and marinated rabbit

Another recipe that may not be re-inventing the wheel on wild gamer recipes. This rabbit recipe will make you come off as a real grill master your friends

.The secret of this recipe is in the marinade. It combines everyone’s favorite flavor profiles, sweet, salt, and garlicky. The recipe comes from Jamie Olivers cookbook, so you know there has been some serious trial and error on this one.