The reasons we deer hunt are as varied as the people who participate in the sport. Most people can probably name two, three or more reasons they relish the sport. Take a minute to think about the reasons you hunt, and see if they align with any of ours.

  1. You love to spend time outside. Spending time outside is good for your body and soul. The solitude of the deer stand, the trudge through the woods in the crisp morning air; these are things that are impossible to explain to someone who has never been hunting. What is the physical price you pay for this stress relief? Not much, deer hunting is one of the safest sports available, with an injury risk lower than nearly any other sport, including golf.
  2. Deer hunting is a great way to spend time with your family. Perhaps you learned to hunt from your father. The chances are high that you want to pass what you learned along to your children. Time in the woods, away from the distractions of everyday life and electronic devices, is a great way to create unforgettable memories with your family.
  3. You meet great people while deer hunting. Sure, not everyone will be your best friend, but the folks you run into at the convenience store early in the morning, or the game checking station later in the day can quickly become familiar faces, and relationships develop quickly over shared interests.
  4. The financial entry level is low, but you can spend as much as you want. For a young family on a tight budget, deer hunting is an affordable pastime that provides a lot of enjoyment for a minimal investment. Of course, if you have more money to spend, there are plenty of gadgets and gear that you can spend your money on. Money spent in preparation for and during deer hunting season is a tremendous boost to local economies in areas where deer hunting is a popular part of the culture.
  5. Your investment in licenses and other fees associated with hunting directly impact the habitat and sport you love. Unlike many taxes and fees, where we never see the direct result of our investment, you know that the money you spend on administrative costs associated with your sport help maintain habitats and pay for enforcement in hunting areas.
  6. You are doing your part to keep the wildlife population happy and healthy. As less land becomes available for deer, the need for proper management is increasingly necessary. Controlling deer numbers prevents overcrowding and ensures that there is enough food for the deer population during the long winter months.

Of course, there are many other reasons why we deer hunt. Some people are in search of the elusive trophy buck, while others hunt to put food on the table. The reasons we deer hunt are as many and as varied as the people who participate in this great sport. Regardless of the reason you choose to participate, your passion for the sport is what brings you out on frosty mornings and keeps you going back into the woods year after year.