Joining us now, JT Kreger, CEO of Base Camp Leasing, the sponsor of Outdoors on the farm of Agritak JT. Ok, let’s get real basic here. What is Base Camp Leasing up?

Leasing is the largest hunting rights leasing broker in the United States. We cover the Midwest, the Southeast, all the way to the East Coast. We’ve been around for 22 years. It works really well for landowners to create additional income. Works really well for hunters to get access to good quality private land.

22 years. I mean, that’s long enough to build a reputation, right?

It is. Absolutely. We’ve built a great reputation. All the reviews we have from our clients are really strong. It’s been a great ride.

Yeah. Okay. So, JT, who’s more satisfied? Is it the landowner with the revenue or is it the hunters that find a new place to Hunt?

I think, frankly, it’s equal, but in this case, obviously, we’re trying to communicate with the landowners and let them know what kind of program we have. And I think that’s really our focus today.

All right. Where do we go to learn more?, that’s a great place to go. Right at the top of the page, there’s a landowner section. Landowners can fill out that form and get an agent to contact them right away.

Yeah. Okay, listen up on that, guys. When you go to, right at the top of the page is a landowner’s drop down, click on that, go to farm owners, and that’s the best way to get information. What about a phone number?

866-484-3765. Just to say it one more time. 866-484-3765

So if you’ve got a piece of ground on your farm that looks good for some recreational use, give these guys at Base Camp Leasing a call. Thanks, JT. That’s JT Craig Or, CEO, Base Camp leasing.