Speaker 1: base camp leasing has been working with landowners across the country for 22 years and there is a reason these landowners chose base camp leasing. Jt Kreager is ceo of base camp and J T 22 years of working with landowners. That does not just happen

Speaker 1: what should landowners expect when they sign on with base camp.

Speaker 1: You know, we’re most importantly, a very professional service company. We do a lot of work to create relationships with the landowners and the hunters that we serve and we built a lot of experience over that 22 years. You know, we’ve built the largest online leasing marketplace in the United States for releases, we get

Speaker 2: over a million visitors every year.

Speaker 2: That turns into premium prices. It’s definitely an opportunity for landowners, even if they’re leasing on their own to consider using base camp because of the premium prices that will deliver. And in addition, you know, one of the things that landowners really like is the $5 million of free liability insurance that’s included at no cost to them. That provides a ton of protection for both the hunters and the landowner. The farmer. You know, we have annual price increases built into the agreement that we have that goes between the landowner and the hunters. So at the renewal, the prices do increase, which creates a really nice payment plan for the landowner. It’s just a reliable opportunity to diversify your farm income. Excellent. Jt Where can landowners learn more. They can give us a call at 8664843765 or they can check out our website at base camp leasing dot com.

Speaker 2: Excellent. 8664843765. Thanks. JT that is. JT Kreager ceo of base camp leasing.