2024 marks the 25th Anniversary of Base Camp leasing. In 1999, founder Steve Meng, an accomplished whitetail deer hunter and former ag industry professional, set the foundation for what would become the country’s largest hunting lease company. Steve’s motivation to start Base Camp Leasing was rooted in his own personal experience.

The discouragement Steve felt with the lack of accessibility to quality private hunting property was enough to motivate him to solve the problem. Steve’s core values of “Living the Lifestyle, Passion for Land and the Outdoors, and Urgency to Serve”, laid the bedrock on which to build a mutually beneficial business model for landowners and hunters alike. It was a “win-win” and its growth quickly followed.

After 25 years, what started as a small company in Indiana has become the largest and most successful independent hunting lease company in the nation. Spreading into 30 different states across the country, our # 1 focus is providing the best service to landowners, helping them realize the value in opening access to the hunting rights on their property.

For hunters looking for their very own private land experiences, Base Camp’s landowners offer the best place to find the highest quality hunting opportunities available.

With over 6.5 million acres served and access generated to 150,000 hunters, we are proud to play a role in countless stories, memories, and experiences over the last 25 years. Our goal continues to serve both landowners and hunters as we further our efforts to open access to hunting on private lands.

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is one of this country’s greatest accomplishments, and the habitats, wildlife and experiences it supports are all great American treasures. As we look to the next 25 years, we are excited to do our part to keep more land open to access and more hunters in the field.