FISHERS, IN – Base Camp Leasing is proud to continue their support of the Sportsmen’s Alliance and has supported the organization since 2018.

“Base Camp Leasing, the landowners and passionate hunters it serves understand the important role that the Sportsmen’s Alliance continues to play in advocating for and defending our right to enjoy the outdoors. We are proud to continue to support those efforts.” -Doug Saunders, CEO Base Camp Leasing.

About Base Camp Leasing:  Base Camp Leasing was established in 1999 and developed a mutually beneficial business model to serve both landowners and hunters alike.  Base Camp Leasing has led the way in the hunting lease industry and continues to expand into new states.  Base Camp Leasing is “Powered by the American Landowner”, where we see first-hand the joy, memories, and trusted relationships between our landowners and hunters.  For more information on Base Camp Leasing go to

For nearly four decades, the Sportsmen’s Alliance has fought to protect and advance our outdoor heritage of hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting in all 50 state legislatures, in the courts, in Congress and at the ballot box.  As Sportsmen’s Alliance’s work continues to grow stronger so too has the animal rights movement.

What started as the defense of an Ohio trapping issue in 1977 with national implications, soon evolved into the country’s leading advocate for sportsmen across the country — The Sportsmen’s Alliance and the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation.

“We are a small organization that punches way above its weight when we fight the anti-hunting and trapping movement,” said Brian Dowler, VP membership. “The only way that’s possible is with the support of our donors and business partners. The folks at Base Camp Leasing have been there for us.”

Base Camp Leasing is committed to supporting Sportsmen’s Alliance to help keep hunting rights and access for the customers that we serve.  To keep up to date on issues they are working on you can visit their website.  Find out how to get involved or support their efforts to keep hunting available for generations to come.

About Sportsmen’s Alliance:   The Sportsmen’s Alliance protects and defends America’s wildlife conservation programs and the pursuits – hunting, fishing and trapping – that generate the money to pay for them. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation is responsible for public education, legal defense and research.  Its mission is accomplished through several distinct programs coordinated to provide the most complete defense capability possible. Stay connected: OnlineFacebookTwitter and Instagram.