One of the most important things to learn about hunting ins knowing exactly when and where you can legally hunt. Outside of the physical hunting seasons and laws, there is also the ethical side to hunting. While it may be fully legal to hunt a deer, if you had never sited in your rifle, that would make it an unethical shot to take. Your fellow hunters will expect you to follow these rules. For the sake of the community and the wildlife.

You can find your states regulations over fair-chase situation here. To avoid any kind off trouble, make an effort to learn and follow your specific states rules. Every state has a game agency website, where things like hunting regulations and species specific rules can be found. Hunting licenses are also available on those websites.

Hunting Season Dates

While hunting season dates generally stay around the same time, make sure to check you game agency websites. As they release dates yearly for when you can hunt each species. Smaller game, like squirrels, have a very op en season for hunting. Dates range from the summer to the late winter. While big game like deer, can get more detailed and specific. Deer hunting usually takes place from the early fall , sometimes all the way into January.

Hunting Seasons are not only broken down by species,  but by the method of hunting you’re using. Those different methods include:

–              Rifle Season n(Most popular hunting season)

–              Bow Season

–              Shotgun Season

–              Muzzleloader Season

There are other specifics to take into account as well like, antlered vs antler less for example. As well as many other rules and regulations specific to certain areas.  Again, make sure to check your states individual hunting season dates. Indiana hunting seasons can be different then even the closest state, Illinois hunting seasons.

Hunting License

The process pof actually owning a hunting license is a pretty simple process. Purchase is available through your own state game agency website. They are also widely available at stores like Walmart or Cabelas. There are also two types of licenses you can get:

  • Over the Counter Tags
  • Draw Tags

OTC tags are for common animals that you would hunt. While draw tags are for animals in areas where there might not be enough resources for that specific species Migratory birds like geese and ducks require an annual duck stamp. More info on that here.

The laws and regulations that surround hunting were put in for the good both the animal and the hunter. It assists in wildlife conservation and the ethical hunting/treatment of the animals. While all of the rules can come across as tedious. They are all crucial in maintaining a healthy hunting community.