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Hunting Leases Done Right

Enter your best hunting and trophy photos in the photo contest and win a $150 gift card.  Three winners will be selected.  View contest photos.

Jeffrey Gagnow 

Jeff currently has 2 Base Camp Leases in Wisconsin within 90 minutes of his house:  one in Dodge County and the other in Adams County.  What determines which lease he visits on any given day?  Weather, wind direction, pressure, and trail cam photos.

“I started exploring leasing because I wanted to stay closer to home and be able to have food plots.  I was actually looking to buy land, but it was too expensive.  I thought a hunting lease would be the next best option.  My research lead me to Base Camp Leasing.”

Jeff has been hunting and fishing since the age of 9, when he begged his father to take him out and teach him how.  The highlight of Jeff’s hunting career takes him back to age 12, hunting with his father.  “I was able to carry a gun by myself.  I had my sights on a buck, I closed my eyes and took a shot.  When I opened them, the buck was down.  I felt like I became a man that day, at least in the eyes of my dad.  Dad came over and shook my hand and called me a ‘hunter’.  Unfortunately, due to health issues, dad no longer hunts with me, but he’s always asking for details when I spend a day in the woods.”

“The secret to getting this deer was knowing their patterns.  I set up a trail cam 2 months prior to opening day, so I knew their comings and goings.  You have to do your homework and feel confident that you can pattern the deer. “

Jeff also finds it a challenge and a goal to get a great photo of his take.  “As a real estate appraiser, I carry a good camera and tripod.  I may take as many as a 100 photos trying to get the perfect shot.“

Well done Jeff!

Base Camp Leasing:
President Steve Meng’s Ohio Deer. 
“Deer numbers were down big time for me on this farm and I’m not sure why. I had planted a corn/soybean plot and removed the fence around September 20th. It was common to see only 1 or 2 deer per sit and frankly, I don’t do well with that kind of boredom. I was starting to think it was going to have to be a late season spot after all the surrounding crops were gone because I had the most incredible 2 acres of food you’ve ever seen.  Read more.
Base Camp Leasing:
Nebraska Agent Mark Rohlfing’s Kansas Deer 

“After a morning hunt on the first day, I am walking back to the truck.  The wind is blowing a steady 20 mph in my face and I thought to myself, this would be a great time to see a buck cruising and get a chance at him.  Literally as I am finishing that thought I see white antlers bob over a hill heading toward me.  It was a scripted scene as those white tines contrasted against the red bluestem under an ocean-blue sky.  Read more.
Featured Property:  #6105
Benton County, MO  
80 acres       $2,400

80 acres in one of the best deer density counties in Missouri that will be perfect for a small group of guys. Landowner has many great stories about big deer in the neighborhood, but the one I like the best is the 4 bucks in velvet that were eating his garden! Good woods that are situated above the Cole Camp Creek, along with bottom fields, should be perfect for any setup you can think of. Plenty room for 4 guys without stepping on each other.  ATV’s, food plots, and camping are allowed.  Read more.

Check Your Deer Season Dates

Not sure when deer season starts in your state?  We now provide a list of deer seasons by state:
– 2014 Fall Archery Seasons
– 2014 Fall Gun Seasons
– 2014 Fall Muzzleloader Seasons

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