Well, it will be time for deer hunting season soon. Often, many new and returning sportsmen target the trade’s lucrative sides when discussing deer hunting. The environment, the rush and personal preferences are always great conversation topics. The sport is beautiful, and the areas surrounding it—even more-so.

As the season opens, it’s important to re-wash your hands in some basic Do’s and Don’ts. Whether you’re a newcomer, or somewhat of a veteran sportsperson, the following insights are always useful:

Practice Makes Perfect, and it Makes Safety

Here’s an important “Do” to do. Make sure you test out your weapon before heading into the woods. It’s a simple process, doesn’t take much time and re-calibrates your shot. Purchase some ammunition, hop over to the range and re-acquaint yourself with your tool of the trade.

Clean up the Gun

So, you’ve hit the range, hit some targets and are ready to head out. Before getting up early, re-clean your weapon. Don’t just clean it following a gun-range trip, either. Clean it following every outing. Firearms can be damaged in heavy rain, snow and wet environments. You’ve got to keep the mechanics spruced up.

Wear Orange

Here’s a safety tip: Always wear blaze orange when entering the field. Don’t be mistaken for wildlife, and do strap yourself up in some blaze orange. Don’t worry: The deer can’t perceive the color, as they’re colorblind.

Keep the Gun Unloaded

Always unload the weapon during transportation. Even if you’re simply changing your hunting location, a little safety prevents many injuries.

Remember the Hunting License

It’s important to remember deer hunting fundamentals—and obtaining a verified hunting license is part of Deer Hunting 101. The money paid goes to a good cause, too: They keep an area’s game numbers in good standing, and they keep DNR moving.

Don’t Utilize Illegal Techniques

They exist—and they’re against the law. Remember to be a responsible sportsperson, and never attract deer using illegal techniques. There’s too many to count, so read up on your area’s laws pertaining to deer hunting before every trip.

Don’t Leave Scraps in the Woods

Don’t forget food excretions, beer cans or cigarette packets. Garbage isn’t just annoying for other hunters, it’s dangerous to local wildlife. Remember to protect the woods, as the woods provide hunting grounds to begin with. Don’t trash your environment, and serve the sport by picking up fallen trash.

Don’t Over-point Your Weapon

Don’t ever point a gun at something you don’t intend to shoot. This rule, astoundingly, is forgotten by more experienced hunters, as time, experience and regular safety sometimes rust one’s common sense. Always remember what lies beyond your target, too, and be careful when hunting anywhere near residential areas.

Don’t Hunt Illegal Game

Remember: You’re here to target deer. Don’t take species outside of your game, and brush up on the fundamental differences between each specie’s genders.

Both emerging hunters and seasonal pros should remember the fundamentals of a good hunting season, and quizzing oneself on the sport’s basic Do’s and Don’ts is important before hitting the field. Remember: Play it safe, and enjoy one of the world’s most rewarding sports.