Hanging your deer stand is a great way to kick off a new deer season. As any hunter knows, there is plenty of preparation work that goes into a great deer season, and hanging your deer stand is one of those chores. Deer stands can be tricky, sense they pose a danger, like many aspects of hunting, if not done right. If you plan to let other friends or relatives also use the deer stand, it is of utmost importance that you make sure you have covered all of your safety issues so that no one gets hurts using your stand.

It is a good idea, especially if you have never hung a deer stand before, to do a few practice runs while still on the ground. Practicing will give you the confidence to hang your stand proficiently high up in a tree. The following tips can help you make sure the stand is hung safely with as little stress as possible.

  1. Use a safety harness if you are going to be climbing to unsafe heights. This is especially important if you are tackling this job alone. A lineman’s belt is also a great addition to your safety equipment while you are up in the tree. This will come in handy because you will need your hands free in order to focus on the work of hanging your stand and while you are installing you’re climbing steps and tree sticks.
  2. If you will be going out into the woods alone to hang your deer stands, be sure to let others know where you will be. This is basic safety. Giving your family an approximate location will be a life saver should you have an accident, get lost, or get delayed some way. Don’t cause your family undue worry at the beginning of deer season.
  3. Don’t forget your drill. When you begin installing screws for tree steps or installing a gear hook you will be thankful to have this tool. It will make your job a lot easier, and when you are hanging in a tree the last thing you need is to get stressed out.
  4. Bring a saw in order to cut through any limbs that may hinder you from getting to your desired tree stand spot. Some hunters may also bring along a chain saw, if planning to hang a stand in an especially difficult location.
  5. Use gear hooks and a rope pull-up. If you go ahead and install these necessary items ahead of time you will be glad you did come first day of hunting. It is a pain to deal with these details the day of your hunt. The day you hang your stand is the best time for this because you already have your tools with you and your are not itching to get done and start hunting.
  6. Don’t forego safety for convenience. It is very important to cover all of your safety bases when you are installing and using a tree stand. Lifelines are a great safety addition to your hunting gear and will keep you safe and secure while in the tree.
  7. Use a tree stand hanging device. These handy devices will actually hold the stand in place for you while you fasten the ratchet traps and secure all buckles which attach the stand safely to the tree. This device will allow your hands to be free so that you can focus on the attaching process.
  8. Trim up the route to the stand. You will want to trim up and limbs and brush on the route to the stand so that you cut down on your chances of leaving scent behind each time you head to your stand. A clear route will allow you to get through the woods and to your stand without brushing up against every tree you pass.