Why Hunt Georgia

The Peach State, home to the bulldog’s bar-b-que, is also the home to some serious hunting. Its diversity in both land type and animals to hunt is a true hunter’s paradise. You will find multiple duck species, high-level whitetail hunting, Appalachian-style mountains, and flooded timber. All things that add up to a great state to hunt in. Do it right with a high-quality hunting lease in Georgia and leave the competition behind you.

Why a hunting Lease in Georgia

Since Georgia is full of high-level hunting, it is no secret to the people who call this state home. Meaning that much of the land for public hunting is often full of individuals looking for a big kill.

Making a quality hunting lease in Georgia the most viable option to get everything you want out of your hunt.2020-2021 Quick Guide To Georgia Hunting Season Dates680 × 962

Deer Hunting

The deer hunting in Georgia has steadily been improving over the years. Turning itself from a forgotten hunting state to a real whitetail destination. A recent focus on improving management practices has enabled deer harvests to be better monitored, which has increased the size and age of deer that call Georgia home.

According to some of the more recent harvest data, the quality of bucks in the state has been increasing steadily since the ’90s. The average age of a buck harvested in the 90s was just 1 and a half. Those numbers have gone down, and the amount of older bucks being reported in harvest has gone up.  Those are great signs that a state is committed to its hunters on a large statewide basis.

One of the biggest advantages to getting a hunting lease in Georgia for deer hunting is their crazy bag limit. You can rake 12 deer per season. 10 antlerless and 2 with.  They have also been able to keep themselves free of Chron Wastin Disease, with a large effort to keep it that way.

Overall the deer hunting in Georgia is solid. According to the GDNR, there has been a fair amount of trophy buck hunting in recent years. With a majority of trophy bucks being found in the southeastern parts of the state. So if you are looking for some serious whitetail in the southern states, keep Georgia at the top of your lst1!

Turkey hunting

Strictly a spring season, the only bird, turkey hunting in Georgia, is considered by many to be high quality. No fall hunting is exclusively for population management.

The state wanted to improve its overall turkey numbers and found this a viable solution.  Their hatches over the past few years have been much higher than normal. Bringing their numbers up from 17,000 turkeys in 1973 (when the restoration project began) to over 300,000 today.

Perhaps the best aspect of turkey hunting in Georgia is its wide variety of habitats. You can find yourself going from pinewood forests to red clay farms to swamps and mountain hunting in the Peach State.

Georgia offers some really awesome turkey hunting opportunities. Their unique take on conservation has made the populations abundant, and the landscapes have made it any hunter’s dream. A hunting lease in Georgia would be the best way to really experience what the state has worked so hard to obtain over the last few decades.

Duck Hunting in Georgia

Like its counterparts, deer and turkey hunting, duck hunting in Georgia is strong. With a statewide duck harvest of 110,00 and 16,000 licenses sold annually, the state means business.

Wood ducks are the most common type of duck you can find. With Georgia hunters shooting more than 70,000 wood ducks in 2019. If you head to the south Carolina border, you can find more opportunities for waterfowl hunting like geese and multiple kinds of ducks. The most popular ones being teal, scaup, ringnecks, and mallards.

Georgia’s diverse ecosystems also help in the variety of duck hunting. Flooded timber areas and large lakes are commonplace in the state. Giving hunters in Georgia a large number of animals to take home. Overall, Georgia has some pretty solid chances for duck hunting. While it might not be recommended to come here for the sole purpose of duck hunting, a hunting lease in Georgia for ducks is still a great addition to any hunt.

Alligator hunting??

While it might be on the top of your game list, Georgia does actually offer alligator hunting! For the past 17 years, the state has opened its swamps and waterways to the hunting and harvesting of these massive reptiles.

The American Alligator almost went extinct in the states back in the 1960s, but through serious conservation efforts by states like Georgia, their numbers have stayed strong! There are an estimated 200,000 to 250,000 individuals, with the population staying stable.

Most alligator hunting in the state can be found along and below south of the fall line. An imaginary line that runs from Columbus through Macon to Augusta. There are almost no alligators north of the fall line, so if alligators are on your list, you know where to go!


There you have it! If you were on the border about getting a hunting lease in Georgia for your next big trip, then make it happen! Georgia is home to some top-notch hunting from its extensive species of ducks, trophy deer, and even alligator hunting.

Hunt the right way, on a private hunting lease away from the pressure and competition brought on by other hunters. Have peace of mind knowing that the land you are hunting on is well-taken care of, managed properly, and is doing good by the wildlife.

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