We’re in this big pasture. On this side, we’ve got just a nice thick draw that runs for probably a half a mile. We found a dead deer right here in this little brush pile. Coyotes had tore it up, and I told Brian “we definitely need to go down here”. If you can see it, we’ve got a double and we’ve got a cow trail, perfect, that goes up this pond and that shed up there, but it comes out of this. Our wind was blowing right up to all the cover where we thought the coyotes were going to be. They obviously winded it, came up the cow trail and we set a flat right here just to get a coyote to stop. That’s normally the setup that’s going to catch second. I set up a dirt hole right here, we actually had a fresh coyote turd right here on the edge of this cow trail. I’m going to say it’s a big male and that one’s a young female, probably a breeding pair. Pretty darn cool. These kids are getting to see a show today.