Something to consider on the hard woods and when you’re looking at timber land is the potential market value of some of the woods. This is a white oak. Under a great amount of demand right now and the prices are really great. Looking at and being able to identify the potential value of the tress that are on your land is important. Learn how to identify the species and if you don’t know, get a consulting forester to walk it with you to get an opinion of value. A lot of times you can buy property that’s well stocked with marketable timber that can give you an immediate return on investment or over time. The other thing to look at is the distribution of size and age classes. If everything is all one size then you might have some immediate value but over time you want to be able to extrapolate some of that other timber as those younger tress are growing and filling in. Managing your timber is just as important as managing your fields or your home and your pond and your yard. If you manage your timber correctly it can provide great returns over time and a lot of these species are also great wildlife value trees so they also kind of work hand and glove.