Iowa Hunting Leases

A hunting lease in Iowa is one of the most timely and cost efficient ways to hunt in Iowa. Experience the trophy whitetail and monster turkeys of the Hawk-eye state with a quality lease from Base Camp Leasing.

Why Choose Iowa

If you are looking to take down big bucks next season, the Midwest is the home of many great places to hunt. However, if you are looking for trophy whitetails, many long time hunters may point you in the direction of Iowa.

  • Big Bucks: Proudly ranked the #3 best state to hunt whitetail by Boone and Crockett, Iowa boasts some serious numbers when it comes to deer size. The state is also home to 3 countries in the top 20 counties for hunting whitetail. Making it undeniably one of the TOP destinations for any hunter looking to bring home a personal record
  • Habitat control: Perhaps the biggest contributor to Iowa’s award winning deer size would be the way the state is set up agriculturally. With hundreds of thousands of acres of crop land, the abundance of food allows the start to produce far above average deer. There is also a large initiative placed on wildlife-specific plots, paired with the native foods, Iowa is a serious contender for state with the best deer habitat. Especially land in Iowa used for hunting leases, which are typically wellkept and maintained with the animals health in mind.

Iowa Hunting Facts

Don’t just take me and the other hunters word for it though, there are facts around Iowa that prove it is a standout state to hunt in. Here is Iowa’s number of hunters compared to its deer population, compared to other leading states.


Gun Hunters: 217,070

Bowhunters: 78,128

Deer population:  450,000

Deer Harvest Ave: 107,857


Gun Hunters: 487,533

Bowhunters: 177,061

Deer Population: 1.1 million

Deer Harvest Ave: 274,312


Gun Hunters: 200,000

Bowhunters: 100,000

Deer Population: 600,000

Deer Harvest Ave: 143,170

Just looking at those numbers alone it is obvious why Iowa carries so much prestige in the world of deer hunting. Pair that with the sheer amount of cropland and you have the perfect recipe for a deer  hunting paradise.

Now that you’ve seen how impressive the deer hunting in Iowa is, how are you going to get there and get hunting?

Get a Hunting Lease in Iowa

Like hunting anywhere, you are met with two options. You can either take your chances hunting on public ground, dealing with the pressure and common issues that come with it. Or you can join the new wave of hunting, hunting on private land with a hunting lease

When people first hear the words “hunting on private land” it may give off a negative connotation. Thoughts of having to knock on strangers doors, or post ads in local papers come to mi nd. But that was how hunting on private land USED to work. Today we solved that problem with high quality and affordable hunting leases through broker sites like Base Camp Leasing.

Giving hunters an easy to use alternative that allows them to hunt the lease of their dreams wherever they choose. Hunting leases range in price and size greatly, making sure that you don’t have to settle and can always find the lease you want. With our website being updated weekly, if you do not see the perfect lease now, you don’t need to worry.


Hunting is great. Whether you are on a 1 acre plot or a 100 acre field with crop beds. Hunting is just a good time. However, there are things that simply make the experience better for everyone involved. With one of those things being using a hunting lease over any other method. With advances in the field getting a hunting lease has never been easier or more affordable.

Take the pressure out of hunting with a hunting lease in Iowa. Put together the ease of a hunting lease with the ratio of hunters to deer and you have the perfect storm of hunting. Do it with a household name in hunting like Base Camp Leasing and trust that you are getting the best outdoor experience you can get.