The days of dealing with the pressure associated with hunting public land is over. Now hunters have the option of easily purchasing a hunting lease anywhere they like. From coast to coast, the possibilities to hunt where and when you want are endless. When deciding where you want your next dream hunt, consider a hunting lease in Kentucky.

Why Hunt In Kentucky

While Kentucky holds many advantages as far as hunting goes, a few make it a stand-out state.

  • Land Diversity A trip to Kentucky can change immensely depending on what part of the state you choose. Hunters can experience vast forests, open fields, and mountains.
  • Animal Diversity: One of the best parts about getting a hunting lease in Kentucky is the sheer amount of animals you can hunt to choose from. Some of the more popular options being Deer, Elk, black bear, squirrel, rabbit, and multiple other species.
  • Bird Hunting: An underrated part of Kentucky’s hunting scene is its truly ridiculous amount of migratory birds available to hunt. Including doves, ducks, geese, Sandhill cranes, and more. Wild turkeys are also populous throughout the state’s borders, with both a fall and spring turkey season.Dove hunt.JPG

Quality of Hunting

While Kentucky can boast beautiful scenery and a multitude of animal species to hunt, it is in the quality of their animals that make it stand out as a premium hunter’s destination all over the country.


Perhaps one of the most well-known animals to be hunted in Kentucky is the Elk. After being reintroduced to the area in 1997, elk have truly made Kentucky their home. A lack of predators and high calf survival rates help to keep the numbers high. Mild winters and an abundant food supply also contribute.

With those key factors, elk are typically 15% bigger, on average, than those found in the states to the west. With over 500 elks taken last year, if you are searching for a trophy elk, getting a Kentucky hunting lease should be your first choice.


Whitetail: Kentucky used to almost be a secret in the deer hunting community. This is no longer, with Kentucky being a sought-after destination for deer hunters worldwide. Their numbers alone are more than impressive, with a population reaching over 900,00 deer in the state’s borders.

The over-achieving number don’t stop there, though. With their high concentration of big bucks, they are able to consistently make appearances on the Top 5 list from the Boone and Crocket Club.

Kentucky is also able to still say that they are Chronic Wasting Disease free. Which can not be said for many of its bordering states.


One of the more uncommon animals to make the list of best things to hunt in Kentucky would be the black bear. Kentucky holds multiple unique seasons for this animal, including:

  • Chase only
  • Quota hunt with dogs
  • Archery/crossbow
  • Modern gun

The multitude of seasons makes this one of the most interesting species to hunt. More and more black bears are migrating into the southeast. Meaning that hunting these massive predators should continue to be on the rise for years to come. Making a Kentucky hunting lease that much better of an investment for long-term hunters.

Why Buy a Hunting Lease In Kentucky

If you are a hunter that is looking for his next big challenge in the outdoor space, then a hunting lease in Kentucky might be perfect for you.

Whether you are looking to take down a trophy elk, go deep into the forests for a black bear predatory hunt. Or feel like trying your luck with one of the many migratory bird species Kentucky has to offer; a hunting lease in Kentucky could be the change you need.

Base Camp Leasing currently has dozens of Kentucky hunting leases available on our website. You can find our available leases here.

If you are unable to find the perfect lease for you, don’t worry! We are constantly updating our website with new properties, so your dream hunting lease could be just around the corner.