Whether you make your entire source of income from your property or have inherited the property, ensure that you are generating revenue from your asset whenever possible. The key to successful land revenue is to create multiple streams without interfering with one another. Essentially, the goal is to create parallel revenue streams that will provide a sustainable income source for the landowner.

For many landowners, common revenue sources like row crops, livestock, or conservation programs are obvious. However, they often cause conflicting abilities to co-exist. For instance, if open ground is in row crops, cattle and CRP programs are not a viable option for this ground. Larger landowners can entertain the idea of a hybrid source of revenue for their property which makes sense to avoid all “eggs in one basket,” but also can increase the amount of resources needed to generate revenue.

Aside from income generators like timber harvesting or oil/natural gas exploration, which not all landowners own the rights to, there are few income opportunities that don’t conflict with one another. Which is why leasing your property for hunting is one of the most unrealized sources of income for your property. Depending on the area and property layout, many quality hunting leases can generate $15 to $25 per acre annually! Additionally, the implementation of hunting leasing as a revenue source can increase the output of other income sources for landowners.

Reduction of Crop Damage

When row crops are a substantial source of income for a landowner, the fear of crop failure becomes very real. From drought to disease, there are many factors that cannot be controlled by landowners to ensure the crop continues to bring in money.

However, for many parts of the country, a very controllable source of crop damage is one that is often leading to major financial complications. Wildlife populations, particularly deer, can cause millions of dollars in crop damage each year. Some crops worse than others, but for many planting soybeans or corn, the damage is evident year after year. Implementing a hunting lease program on your farmland can help keep wildlife populations in check, allowing crops to continue to thrive, and revenue to flow.

Reduction of Property Damage

One of the hardest things about land ownership is keeping tabs on who comes and goes on your property. Whether you’re an absentee landowner or someone who lives on the property, it’s not easy to keep an eye on the land by yourself. By having a reliable group of hunters utilizing the property, their vested stake in keeping the land as undisturbed as possible is high on their priority list. Trespassing isn’t just about protecting “hunting rights,” from vehicle damage to harvesting valuable timber illegally, trespassing can lose a landowner money!

Timber Cuts for Revenue and Wildlife

One of the most “undesirable” actions for many landowners is cutting trees. The thought of an instant “clearcut” seems to enter many property owner’s minds. But a sustainable timber cut may not just generate some revenue for you via the timber, but also increase the value of the property for hunting. Sustainably cutting trees can dramatically increase the quality of wildlife habitat and in turn, bring more value to those hunting the property. The difference can be significant on the dollars per acre a hunter is willing to pay for access to your property. This will also create a better timber stand for the future by creating both a productive timber stand for future harvest and hunting lease revenue.

Owning land is a large responsibility, but also can be a great source of revenue. You don’t have to be a farmer to make money off the land, just be willing to understand the potential of the property and what revenue sources can be implemented. In many cases, this won’t just pay for the property, but also generate a profit for landowners!

Don’t rule out your land because you might think it’s not an optimum hunting lease, simply contact us to find out. You’ll be surprised to learn the monetary return that your property may hold for hunting!



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