If hearing the words hunting and North Dakota don’t make your ears perk up as a hunter, you miss out. From a variety of big game to some of the best bird hunting in the country, North Dakota hunting does not disappoint. With so many different animals to hunt, any outdoorsman would find themselves spending years trying to get in all the amazing hunting.

However, access is one of the most important things about hunting. Previously to hunt the way you want in North Dakota, you would need to go through an expensive guide service. Limiting your time and burning a serious hole in your pocket for a short hunt.

With Base Camp Leasing’s high-quality hunting leases, you can lease the hunting rights to a property in North Dakota. Or all over the country! It is a great alternative to a guide or outfitter. Depending on the lease, you can have multiple hunters! So bring your friends and enjoy some of the best hunting in the country!

Big Game Hunting in North Dakota

White Tail Hunting

North Dakota has all the making s of a great whitetail state. A combination of high success rates, reasonably priced hunting licenses, and a respectable number of trophy bucks all play a role. The landscapes also come into play. Home to an abundance of prairie land matched with rolling hills all over the state. Creates an almost ideal hunting situation for whitetail hunting.

Pronghorn Hunting

North Dakota proudly offers a variety of big game to hunt. With pronghorn antelope being making that list. Hunting pronghorns is a real hunter’s experience. It is one of the few animals that you can hunt all day. It is also a great hunt to get first-timers or kids interested in hunting. Since it is a spot and stalk animal, you will have some action.

Additionally, since they can be hunted all day, you don’t have to be up before dawn to pull off a successful hunt. This again helps the uninitiated and youth really enjoy their time hunting.

Elk/Bighorn Sheep/Moose Hunting

North Dakota gives the chance to hunt rare animals that you can find in many other states. Their unique biodiversity makes a great habitat for various big game species. All of the hunting with these animals is done through a lottery. To help prevent overhunting of the animals. While the tags for these animals are fewer, if you are lucky enough to get one, you will have an amazing story to tell.

Bird Hunting in North Dakota


Pheasant hunting in North Dakota runs deep. Respectfully known as the “King of Gamebirds,” hunting these elusive animals is one of the most action-packed hunts there are. Walking the vast plains of North Dakota with a  shotgun in hand is a great way to spend the day. Also, everyone loves dogs, and most pheasants’ hunts are done with a K9 companion.

Known to many as the best place to pheasant hunt in the entire country, this is one you won’t want to miss. You also can not experience this level of pheasant hunting anywhere else in the country. Making it a premier place to buy a hunting lease.

Duck Hunting

Now, if you were only given one chance to hunt one animal in North Dakota, it should be the ducks. The only problem there is, no one ever wants to hunt ducks in North Dakota just once.

Some things make an ideal duck hunting habitat, grass water and grain. Which, fortunately, is what a large part of the state is made up of. They also have a diverse group of ducks that can be found in the state, including:

  • Teals
  • Gadwalls
  • Mallards
  • Wigeon

With a combination of cheap tags, high population numbers, and a strong community centered around duck hunting. North Dakota really is a can’t miss hunting opportunity for anyone who considers themselves a serious duck hunter.


It can not be stated more clearly that the hunting in North Dakota is world-class. From a wide variety of exotic hunts to awe-inspiring whitetail numbers to truly some of the best bird hunting in the world. The state should be at the top of anyone’s hunting bucket list.

The best way to really hunt North Dakota on your own terms is with a hunting lease. You can see what we have available to lease right now.

If you don’t see your dream lease, don’t lose hope! We add new leases all the time!