November Issue
Hunting Leases Done Right
Aren’t you glad you didn’t book a 5-day hunt with an outfitter
the first week of November?Leasing with Base Camp gives you the flexibility
of hunting when the time is right!
After harvesting your deer this year, take time to get good photos and enter them into the Base Camp Leasing photo contest. Here are a couple links to help you setup that perfect picture:

 Tips for Taking Better Trophy Photos:

10 Simple Steps to Trophy Deer Pictures:


William McCartney took this 173″ Kentucky velvet buck 12 pointer in Coldwell County, Kentucky.  As William explains, “Kentucky is one of the few states you can hunt early enough in to get a velvet, and at that you have only about 5 days. I’ve only taken 2 velvets.  I got him on the second morning of season when the temperature dropped 30 degrees overnight as a result of hurricane Isaac coming through.”William discusses his multiple leases.  “Because I like to hunt season openers, I currently have Base Camp leases in multiple states: Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois.  I have always been able to fill my freezer and put 2 or 3 trophies on my wall since I started leasing 8 years ago.  I am a landscaper, so September through December is the slowest time of year for me.  My schedule does make it tough for turkey hunting though.”

William’s basement is dedicated to animals harvested.  He has 14 deer, a big horn sheep, a hog, and a full body coyote.  On William’s bucket list is a big bull elk, probably from Colorado, and a Mountain Lion from Oregon or Idaho.
By Sean Ferbrache
Chief Operating Officer
American Hunting Lease Association
Congratulations to you and your pals.  Securing your own hunting lease is a big step, but one you will be glad you took.  No other arrangement can bring you the safety and quality of hunting private land like a hunting lease.

I don’t want to repeat the same topics I wrote about in the last two articles of this series.  If you want to review those, they can be found here:

1. Let’s Do It.  Choosing the Right Hunting Lease.  September  2015
2. Are You Ready for A Hunting Lease? July 2015

Instead, let’s really take a look at how you can make the very most of your new hunting lease.  Of course, “when” you signed the lease will have an impact on what you can and/or should do on your lease.  Let’s assume your lease was signed, insured and paid for in the early fall. This might limit your options with regard to food plots, but valuable clues are starting to show up that will help guide your strategies.
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Rod Shepard
Illinois Leasing Agent
Illinois Leasing Agent, Rod Shepard, had a good day. He got this 10 pointer with his Mathews Chill R Bow on his Base Camp Lease.View Illinois leases.
Daryl Houston
Tennessee Leasing Agent
Daryl took this 10 PT on Saturday, Oct 18 at Ft Campbell, KY 148lbs.View Tennessee leases.
Ryan Baker
Oklahoma Leasing Agent
Ryan shot this 5.5 year old 7 on a Basecamp lease in Oklahoma.View Oklahoma leases.
Jason Artrip
West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky Leasing Agent
Our West Virginia /Eastern Kentucky Leasing Agent, Jason Artrip, got a West Virginia 8 point bow hunting from the ground at 14 yards. Congrats Jason!View West Virginia leases. 
View Kentucky leases.
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