Whether you’re a beginner or professional hunter, shooting a buck or doe is a rush that’s hard to explain. Your heart is pumping hard, the wind whispers in your ear, and then bang; you pull the trigger and pray that your scope is still in line.

And then you wait.

It’s not a long wait. In fact, it usually takes less than a second to see if you accomplished your goal. And if you did, your heart even starts to pump harder because you’re so excited about killing that big deer you’ve been hunting all season.

Have you yet to kill your first big whitetail buck? Or, perhaps you’ve killed one every year. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been deer hunting, you always need to have the right supplies and equipment. Let’s take a quick look at five top-notch ways to spend your money when developing a deer hunting budget.

Deer Attractant

Sure, you can spend day in, day out waiting on a deer to come to you, but the longer you wait, the more discouraged you’ll become. To avoid having to wait prolonged periods of time without seeing a deer, you need to make sure you’re doing your best to attract them to you. What types of deer attractants should you include in your budget? Take a look below:

  • Deer Cane
  • Solar Salt Pellets
  • Corn, oats and molasses mixed together
  • Yellow acorns

Gun or Bow

You’re going to need a weapon if you intend to shoot a deer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bow or gun, just make sure you’re using the right weapon according to the season that is in. Remember that not all types of guns can be used to shoot deer, and this especially applies to pistols and certain types of high-powered rifles. Also, some states have strict laws in regards to using a cross bow to shoot whitetail deer.

Binoculars and a Flashlight

No matter how big or small your deer hunting budget is, you’ll need a good pair of binoculars. A flashlight is a must have as well. After all, you’ll want to get in the woods before the sun comes up, and there’s a good chance that you won’t be leaving the woods until after the sun goes down.

Hunting Clothing

If you want to dress a big deer, you’ll first have to dress the part of a deer hunter. To do this, you’ll need to invest in lots of camouflage, including face masks, pants, boots, shirt, jacket and more. Most importantly, though, remember that you’ll have to wear a bright orange vest as well as bright orange on your head, such as a bright orange toboggan.

A Good Deer Call

Lastly, your budget should include a good deer call, such as a deer grunt. This type of call can be used to call both whitetail bucks and does, making it the most popular call used all across the country.


The Takeaway

There are many other supplies that can be included in your deer hunting budget, but the ones mentioned above tend to be the most essential.