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Hunting Leases Done Right
Our featured hunter is Rexton Grey, who grew up hunting in Mississippi, and now resides and has a hunting lease in Tennessee.  He currently leases a parcel of wooded land amongst a large section of woods in Meigs County.   In the two years he’s been using Base Camp Leasing, he’s killed multiple deer and a few turkeys.
Rexton explains how he got the buck featured in the above photo:  “I had taken off the whole first week of November hoping to catch the rut just right. As I got to my stand, I climbed up and had barely gotten my bow hung on the tree before I started hearing deer in the darkness.  I literally couldn’t wait for the sun to come up so I could see what was in front of me. When the sun finally came up, I realized I had a doe and her two yearlings feeding on acorns 35 yards in front of me.  They stayed for about 30 minutes, then walked off to my left.   As soon as they got out of sight, I heard a lot of racket and the three deer darted back across in front of me, followed by two additional doe.  As I stood there hoping not to get spotted, I began hearing long bellowing grunts to my left.  Suddenly there he was, heading for my shooting lane at about 20 yards perfectly broadside.  It was textbook, just like you see on the outdoor channel. I drew my bow back as he walked behind a perfectly placed tree; I waited for him to emerge from the other side.  He walked out and I stopped him with a quiet grunt.  I placed the top pin a little low behind his shoulder anticipating him to duck at the sound of the string. I slowly squeezed off the shot with my release trigger and watched the arrow fly perfectly into where my pin was aiming.  It was a perfect heart shot.  He ran about 35 yards and stopped.  I waited in anticipation for him to fall.  He walked over a small bluff and disappeared.  I waited about a half hour while texting all of my friends telling them what had just happened. I walked over and found him exactly where I thought he would be. Turns out I had multiple pictures of this buck on my trail cameras, which made the whole hunt even cooler.”

Well done, Rexton!

Featured Property #6646

Oswego County, NY
700 Acres
Max Hunters: 10

Base Camp Leasing has 700 acres available for immediate lease in Redfield, NY-Tug Hill Region-open for hunting- first time available to the public. This property is a big woods with the best trails I have inspected. They would support ATVs and/or side by side UTV vehicles.  Deer, black bear and turkey can be found on this property. The trails are wide and professionally maintained each year. The woods are beautiful, primarily made up of maple, ash, birch, cherry and a few pine. The terrain is a good mixture from flat to some knolls. It was easy walking. There was evidence of old buck rubs and tracks throughout the property. There is a beautiful deer pond located almost in the center of the property with a large Adirondack lean-to, fire-pit and views that would be ideal for camping and staging. The access is from the blacktop located in the northwest corner. The south border is Stony Brook Creek that runs pretty much east and west and it has a beautiful set of waterfalls. There is a beautiful clearing about .3 of a mile on the main access trail that would make a beautiful camping spot. If you like big woods that are not steep mountains or big hills, then you will love this property!  More Info.
Now when you make a deposit on a lease, you can pay your remaining lease balance on-line with a debit or credit card after signing into your account at  Simply sign in, click on “My Basecamp”, then “My Current Leases” and “Pay Balance”.
Having problems…we can help at 866-309-1507.

By Sean Ferbrache COO.,
American Hunting Lease Association
From your first thoughts of a hunting lease to the second you put an arrow or bullet through his lungs, this series will guide you through the entire process.  The following is the second in a five part series of informative articles written for hunters of all experience levels and passions.


You have seen the light! …you have addressed your hunting club’s expectations and the finances and are ready to begin wading through the infinite amount of information to find the right lease?

Like any “search” these days, most of us turn to our phone, tablet or laptop and begin our search on Google. I think Google (internet in general) is a pretty solid place to start when looking for a hunting lease as well. The vast majority of hunting lease companies have some type of website that lists their available properties. Unfortunately, the method that Google uses to list and rank these sites can be very complicated and most hunting lease sites just won’t rank in a simple search.  The AHLA helps with that by listing those companies that are AHLA Certified Associates on our own site at Companies that display the AHLA Certified Associate logo on their home page have agreed to a standard of best business practices and can be trusted partner in your search for the right property. Read more.  



Eastern Kentucky/
West Virginia
Leasing Agent:

Jason Artrip

Jason Artrip is the West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky agent for Base Camp Leasing. Jason is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for hunting, fishing, wildlife management, and scouting. Jason was introduced to hunting early in his life by his father, and harvested his first whitetail deer at the age of 14 in northern West Virginia. While he enjoys all hunting seasons, fall archery season in pursuit of whitetails is by far his favorite.

Jason has lived in the southern West Virginia and southwestern Virginia area his entire life, but has been fortunate to hunt in Ohio, Kentucky, and Texas as well. He currently resides in southern West Virginia with his wife, Lynsey, and their daughter. Jason graduated from Radford University with a BS in Geography in 2003, and finished his MBA in 2012. He currently works full time as an Environmental Scientist.

For those looking for quality WV or Eastern KY hunting leases, Jason will provide a thorough inspection, prepare property photos, and answer any questions you may have. Jason loves talking to fellow outdoorsmen and hunters with a passion for the lifestyle and wildlife management.

Jason can be reached at (304) 396-9424 or by email at

Featured Property #5151

Gilmer County, West Virginia
243 Acres
Max Hunters: 10

243 acres, almost all wooded with small hay meadows. Big valley with 3 wooded ridges and creek bottom. Some good funnels on the benches and ravines. Borders Cedar Creek State Park that allows no hunting. Good ATV access. The blue area is a 7 acre inholding the landower does not own.  More info.
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