I’ve got a camera just down the hill right here. I’ve been getting pictures of coyotes all fall. Every single night. I think that’s one reason our deer numbers are down in this area. We’re not killing any does here just because we don’t see many deer. We’re actually seeing more coyotes in the pictures than we are deer. Initially, when you decide to go in and setup on this little 100 acre farm, were not going in and traipsing through every bit of the woods, were actually trying to be quiet. We’re staying on the top of this field. We’re staying out of all the bedding areas. One, we don’t want to run the deer out. Two, we also don’t want to run the coyotes out of here that we’re trying to catch. What we’re doing is gang setting. We’ve got two sets here, two sets here, so we’ve actually got a quad setup. I fully expect for us here in the next 7-10 days to catch a double, a triple, or hopefully a quad. We’re gang setting the spots that we know the coyotes are at. We’re not going in the timber. We’re leaving everything alone. That’s one of the main things people are concerned about when talking about trapping their place. Is the extra pressure of the presence of people going to hurt your deer? f you do it correctly, the answer is no.

I just wish Brian would get a little quicker at making these traps.